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‘Dane Gobin Tennis Court’ opens at Everest Cricket Club

Already having the capability to host several sporting disciples, such as cricket and table tennis among others, the Everest Cricket Club (ECC) has now added lawn tennis to its complement of sporting facilities.

While the venue at Carifesta Avenue Georgetown was previously equipped with a tennis court decades ago, and had even had a lawn tennis club, the space was used as a parking lot up until recent years. Now a spanking new court, named in honour of former player Dane Gobin, was unveiled on Tuesday evening.

In remarks, the guest of honour Dane Gobin shared about the benefits of the sport, and how he hopes the court would be utilised.

“Tennis also builds character and fosters mental fortitude, both of which to this day I still use in my life. Tennis also earned me a scholarship to Texas, where I started my tertiary education. I would therefore like to encourage all the youngsters out there to get involved in some type of sport; and to the parents, to invest heavily in extra- curricular activities for your children,” he related to the gathering.

Further, Gobin encouraged, “To all the tennis players who will grace this court, I encourage you to make the most of this incredible facility. Challenge yourselves, push your limits and push for greatness, but also remember to enjoy the journey, savour the moments of triumph, and learn from the defeats. Let this court be a place where you will not only improve your tennis skills, but also grow as individuals.”

As told by Everest President Manzoor Nadir, their will to begin refurbishing the Tennis Court in 2019 spurred a number of upgrades around the facility, including the parking lot, public washrooms and solar lighting.

Cognizant of this, Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) President Cristy Campbell praised the Club for their drive, and offered any help the Association can provide for the sport.

Campbell praised ECC by saying, “I think I can safely say without fear of contradiction that Everest is the only club in Guyana that facilitates a safe space for so many different disciplines. And again, I will highlight the point that it speaks to the leadership, and the expansion drive is also very, very commendable.

“The GTA is ready and available to synergize in any projects, whether it’s from the junior developmental strategy or the senior level; or even if it’s at a recreational level. We are ready to support you, whether it’s in the form of equipment distribution, coaching education, or any other areas that we could collaborate. We stand willing and ready to facilitate and assist you to continue the expansive growth of this club,” she assured.

Much of the Tennis Court project at the Everest Cricket Club was funded by China’s CNOOC.