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3 years in Govt: Majority of manifesto promises fulfilled – President Ali

…says foundation being laid for Guyana 2030

President Dr Irfaan Ali has disclosed that Government’s transformative development agenda has successfully led to the realisation of a majority of its manifesto promises.
“We have almost completed our manifesto… I’m most proud of all of the work that we have done,” President Ali said as he reflected on his term in office to date, adding that the achievements in all the sectors are massive and have propelled the country into an advanced state which his government is proud.

President Dr Irfaan Ali

The Head of State pointed out that the accomplishments of the government over the past three years cannot be attributed solely to him but to his entire team of Ministers and advisors. The pursuit of such an aggressive development agenda is to ensure they “bring prosperity to every Guyanese home.”
President Ali emphasised that the ongoing progress in the country is a fulfilment of his government’s commitment to the people.
He explained that there have been tremendous achievements in health care, education, infrastructure, technological transformation, the delivery of jobs, the expansion of housing, the opening up of opportunities for the vulnerable and support for the elderly, women and children.
Ali is also proud that his government has been able to stand true and successfully fulfil the promises outlined in its manifesto.
“We have brought back jobs in the sugar estate. We are revitalising the sugar sector, we are revitalising agriculture, and we are putting food security on the front. We are investing in human development, in the modernisation of our country, in the technological advancement of our country, bringing the infrastructure that will support the best possible health and education, deliverables and service to our people. This is what makes me proud,” the Head of State is quoted as saying by the Press and Publicity Unit of the Office of the President.
In addition, President Ali stressed that another important achievement of his government is being able to take services to the people. He said this matrix approach to leadership has unearthed many openings to meet and connect with the people.
“It’s a matrix approach to leadership, a matrix approach to development, a matrix approach to service where the people are at the centre and a service that the government offers surrounds the people…Everything that we do, all the action that we take is bringing people at the core, and it’s not a hierarchical movement where someone is at the top and passing things down at the bottom,” he underscored.
Noting that there were many challenges and hurdles that he overcame, the President explained that when he assumed office in 2020, it was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and months later, his government had to wrestle with one of the largest flooding in the country.
“So, to achieve what we achieved in such an environment is remarkable by any standard,” he added.
New Paradigm
The president reiterated that his government is working to reposition Guyana at the global level as a country that is competitive and sustainable, with “respect for the rule of law, respect for democratic principles and respect for our people.”
He added that every citizen should be proud and celebrate the fact that Guyana is now being held in high esteem on the international stage.
Through an aggressive approach to development, Dr Ali said his government is able to set a new paradigm for Guyana. This, he said, will present valuable opportunities for Guyana and position the country as “an important global leader on three of the most challenging crises that the world face. These are food, energy and climate.”
The significant progress and robust approach by Government towards development across the country is the foundation for what Guyana will be by 2030.
“We are laying the framework now to ensure that we present a Guyana that by 2030 will be a sustainable, highly competitive, developed, advanced country in which the citizens of our country will enjoy the best health care, enjoy the best educational services. Where prosperity will come from every home where we will be singing from a singular Guyanese hymn book that we are one, that we are together.”
Highlighting additional achievements, the President noted that the Government has been able to attract direct foreign investments in the area of oil and gas, hospitality and accommodation, among others.
“We were able to position Guyana to be an attractive destination for internationally branded hotels, for foreign direct investment, not only in oil and gas, but in a diversified portfolio of opportunity…”
President Ali stated too, that investments will be made by the government to ensure that the country becomes competitive and sustainable with a diversified economic profile through the setting up of an agenda for research and development.
“We are talking about a new Guyana that is emerging, and what will fuel the emergence of this new Guyana? It is the revenue from oil and gas that has to fuel it. But it will fuel it to create new growth poles. It will fuel it to create new areas of revenue. It will fuel it to create new economic opportunity…”