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You Have Betrayed Us – NR Alan Supporters

Mr. Chabile Moses Moye addressing journalists in Tamale

Some supporters of Alan Kyerematen in the Northern Region, have expressed their profound disappointment in Mr. Kyerematen for what they consider a significant betrayal.

Addressing journalists in Tamale, the Alan supporters indicated that they believed in Alan’s leadership within the party for an extended period of 17 years and have diligently worked alongside him, supporting his campaigns and believing in his potential to lead the NPP, especially in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

According to them, Mr. Kyerematen chose to withdraw from the race abruptly, without prior notice, citing isolated incidents of violence in some regions of the country after the Special Delegates’ Conference.

“This decision inflicted unnecessary hardship on us because we firmly believed that the grassroots were firmly behind him.We were shocked and dismayed when he abruptly withdrew from the November 4 presidential election, especially considering that he was among the five candidates selected. We questioned why he had to abandon us in the midst of this crucial battle.

“We can only describe this action as “cowardly” and a betrayal of his loyal supporters. The New Patriotic Party is a democratic organisation, and we all have the right to support any candidate of our choice during our internal elections,” they indicated.

They noted that their support for Alan was rooted in his NPP membership, as they believed he was one of the party’s foundational members who could uphold its principles and traditions.

The Leading Member of Alan Kyerematen’s supporters in the Northern Region, Mr. Chabile Moses Moye, noted that during their campaigns, they vigorously defended Alan’s loyalty to the party, dismissing claims that he would resign if he didn’t win.

“We now find ourselves faced with the stark reality of his resignation. Is this the man we remained loyal to for the sake of the NPP? We want to make it clear that our support for Alan was contingent on his NPP affiliation. We will not betray our party for any individual, not even the President of the Republic. If we identify issues within our party, we believe in staying, working together to resolve differences, and moving forward in unity,” he stated.

Mr. Moye hinted that Alan recently suggested that certain policies and decisions were mishandled, and he would seek to review them if elected, and reminded him that he was part of the cabinet as a minister when those decisions were made and, therefore, cannot now attempt to mislead them simply because he wishes to pursue an independent path.

“We cannot allow one individual to undermine our party and jeopardise our chances of achieving victory in 2024. We want to emphasise that we stand firmly with our party and will work tirelessly to unite our members within the NPP,” Mr. Moye added.

By Eric Kombat, Tamale