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Why I Reject Some Movie Scripts – Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah has revealed that she has not been in a lot of movies lately because she has been rejecting scripts.

She made this known when she and actor Peter Ritchie spoke about their upcoming premiere of the Christian movie, Shades of Grace in November at Silverbird Cinemas.

According to her, if a movie does not frown on evil and inspires good for personal enrichment and national advancement, it makes no sense and is not worth her time.

“I’ve rejected a lot of roles. Basically, I look at the storyline and the script. If I read the script and there’s no sense in it, I will not join the cast,” she said.

“There are movies which go about in circles and appear aimless. You find no sound advice in it. It’s not something the youth can learn productive things from. So any movie without a good moral lesson, I reject,” she added.
She cited an example of how she was bold to recently tell a producer a script didn’t make sense.

“I was bold enough to tell the person who sent the script that the story doesn’t make sense. I was straightforward, and I have said that to many producers also,” she indicated.

“Nowadays, people don’t see me in a lot of movies. It’s because if the movie doesn’t make sense, I won’t show up for it,” she stated.