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We will uphold history of Anlo – Awadada

Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo State

Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo State, has served a notice that the Anlo Traditional Council would go the extra length to uphold the history of Anlo.

He said this included the option of selling off their properties to get resources, to enable them to resist all attempts by some persons seeking to rewrite the history of the Anlo people.

Togbi Awusu made this known at the official launch of the 2023 Anlo Hogbetsotsoza, which is the annual traditional festival at Anlo-Afiadenyigba.

This was in reaction to what was believed to be attempts by some citizens to frustrate the year’s celebration of Hogbetsotsoza, also known as Hogbeza, through means, including parallel publicity for the festival and a couple of lawsuits against the festival’s planning committee members.

The Awadada said he could not be frightened by machinations of these few citizens at the point of his 23-year reign as the Warlord of the Anlo State, refuting allegation.

“Those attempting to frustrate the festival in the name of accountability have no case.”

It is not in order for young ones to go on the radio asking for accounts. Accounts have always been rendered to the Anlo Traditional Council before they are brought to the Congress of Chiefs. I will advise those asking for accounts to approach the Council – follow due process. Failure to do so means they are only out to undermine the chiefs and demean Anlo,” he said.

Mr Dan Abodakpi, the Awoamezitor and former Member of Parliament for Keta, clarified the institution of Hogbeza some 61 years ago by Togbi Adeladza II, the then Awoamefia of Anlo, to reminisce the migration of their forefathers from Notsie to their present location stressing, the festival could only be celebrated on the authority and under the auspices of the Awoamefia, who is currently, Togbi Sri III.

He recommended the famous “The Counsel of Togbi Sri” which’s excerpts included “My children, never forget that the evil doer is a community destroyer… That is why the rebellious child must repent and adopt good lifestyle to persons disturbing the organisation of the festival warning, “we will not agree to attempts to rewrite the Anlo History.”

Togbi Adzenu III, the Chief of Dzodze, who chaired the Hogbeza launch, said it was important to preserve the history and rich cultural heritage of the people and asked those trying to mar the peace and unity in Anlo to desist in the interest of all.

The launch paved way for the beginning of the vibrant and enriching celebration with a ban on drumming and noise making from Sunday, September 10 to Congress of Chiefs, Mini Hogbeza, Basic Schools Hogbeza, “Nugbidodo” (reconciliation) and “Glimetoto” (an enactment of the departure) among others to herald the climax on Saturday, November 4.

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