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New Needed Laws For World Peace

Peace The World And West Africa

As I often say, conscience is the highest law of any land, meaning all laws must concur with conscience to reasonably pressure the non-conscientious ones, all under the conscientious Lord who teaches right and wrong as per ch.91.

Culture, religion, governments and every decent discipline invite us through conscience, showing us what is conscientious or good about them, then some later sadly think to be above conscience.

Since conscience have varying levels, we tend to set-up points of references like the constitution, laws, and even rules to minimize conflicts. In a nutshell, if everyone was conscientious enough, we won’t need laws; It should start with imagination, but where we fell short, we learn to drop and/or make new laws where need be. Since the World is big, We will have to focus our examples to u.s, the Gambia, Senegal, Niger, and Nigeria as current world events coincidently expose or test us.

Law One: Mandatory unveiling of Tax papers for not just presidential, but other lawmakers and other high offices, including mayors. Are you a good tax payer before you become a tax collector, tax benefactor, or big tax spender are reasonable demands. The excuse that US had voluntary version of it is tantamount to accepting blindness and making such laws should take years, after under-learning the good and bad in Donald Trump.

How many less important laws will they make against the masses, before they make enough conscientious laws for better leaders and businesses. Fast forward to the Gambia: President Barrow was a business man like Trump, and I can testify that he was largely a tax compliant payer than Trump and average Gambian business man.

Now, largely does not mean totally, so if God or someone may accuse him without admitting he was better than Trump and average Gambian Business Person, the cycle of debate must move forward to how such a law may help the Gambia, Nigeria, and beyond. It means rich Gambians or any nation will learn the importance of fighting for reasonable tax laws, tax rates, etc to be probably above even paying the actual taxes?

Laws are vital and how do you fight bad laws should be a course in not just schools, but in companies and every government department. Among your presidential or xyz candidates, who have a better record of paying taxes, fighting bad laws and which categories of laws, suggesting futuristic laws through Imagination and learning through others are vital. Business Person Youssou Ndure of Senegal was not vocal for the most oppressed Senegalese until he was personally, rightly or wrongly , touched by President Wada or his son.

A tax audit at the time may scare other business folks, but waiting until he wants to be president and remind him a law than voluntary option is simply smarter. Since Youssou was a very weak candidate, Wada underrated what his support to President Macky Sall will bring. Youssou became minister of culture, but now he is the unofficial ‘Minister of Culture of Silence against the Oppressed’? Youssou was accused of barely paying taxes like Trump, which sends the signal that only poor people should or pay taxes and that leads to good and bad resisting of paying taxes.

Time and place will not allow examples of every country, but think about the top business folks in your country and gauge them beyond tax paying and speaking out. The worst of beings will tell you that is for America, but the fight for good or bad is universal. Donald Trump and how many rich Americans barely paid taxes?

Trump spoke out than average business folks, but why is that top U.S business folks can openly choose party, criticise without fear of repercussions, etc.? The worst will tell you, ‘Africa is different’ or above choosing conscience? Well Business man Adama Barrow softly spoke out against Jammeh, and God protected him than Richer Muhammed Jah who ‘bribed’ Jammeh with two new vehicles and may not sponsor critics or great laws funding?

Law Two: Laws on gentle or forceful removal based on vivid defined guidelines. The gentle way is well known as impeachment and Trump clearly showed us how weak or politicised that can be. The other gentle method is using the supreme court, but how well did the U.S. Supreme court did in the 2020 election dispute and was it judges or the forces that under confronted the January 06 riots? How about where the supreme court vividly ignore both constitution and conscience as in Guinea Conakry? We have to differentiate force from coup, but both can be legitimate depending on facts. Both Jammeh more than Trump were literally forced out, not coup. The Jammeh one was vivid, but Trump fully understood that if he refused stepping down, a guard should rightfully arrest or assassinate him, or which officers in u.s should use or have the mandate to send forces to the Whitehouse, legally or conscientiously? Gambian Forces failed us from the Jawara days, through the jammeh days, and more shamefully during the 2016 election denials that Ecowas rightfully did.

Forceful removal is apparently normalised, but does it always have to be international? Although God largely and questionably love Gambians in nature than governments, refusing to learn can often lead to hell upon hell, towards the worst hell. If the Gambia or any country truly studies the situation in Senegal, then you will understand the need for 2.5 law: ‘No banning of parties law’; challenge it in court or let the military forcefully take over to hand out immediately or participate in elections within six months.

If you risk your life to speak up or act up, do not trust handing back power to those who never spoke up or act against intolerable abuses. Although I do not know if banning political parties existed in Niger, but Ecowas or AU to UN allowing it in Senegal is shameful testimony that demands change up to UN or we totally separate. If Tinubu of Nigeria and every head of state called Macky Sall and truly tell him how he is Gambling lives beyond self, then advice and laws are very different.

‘The Gambia or xyz hereby make the law of no banning of parties is a stronger testimony than advice or promise. The self centered westerners care for their citizens and interest, interest, and interest. When Ousman Sonko and his white French lawyer were arrested, Macron called for his release or how precisely was he released and Sonko in jail till when? More important is why Macron and others are not voluntarily speaking up or asked by journalists what do they think about banning of parties and how to resolve it at the national and international levels? If I was a top black Gambian lawyer , will ousman Sonko hire me or rather take the French over American lawyer? Please do not believe I believe in nationalism, but I do believe in reasonable quotas, setting examples, the importance of conscientious loyal partners, etc. Black Jarga would have advised Sonko to use the courts and better social media than protests , but what precisely his white lawyer advised is debatable than how Sonko keep using outdated and weak systems of dangerous protests, hunger strike, etc.

Now that the white lawyer is enjoying France, jarga is struggling in sweeter ‘home jail’ in the Gambia, sonko started with hard home jail to now in prison for how long? I cannot pity for sonko more than the unarmed Senegalese that he gambled or will die for Sonko, but not think for/with Sonko? Before I join your political party, I want you Ousman Sonko, Adama Barrow, or xyz to have ‘term limits’ even at party level to end personalisation of parties and reduce endless re-nominating of failed candidates, even as MP. Before I become your lawyer, I want you to be law obedient, believe in using the law than force of the people, then use the people and military only where need be.

I want you to understand systems matter and good systems or routes is where we can expect good results. So if you have zero faith in the supreme court of Senegal, then how many of them will you change , use or abuse them like others, promise to be different but suggest what beyond Senegal? Does Ousman Sonko or his white lawyer ever suggested laws for Ecowas and special international courts to handle opposition leaders cases? As Judge Jarga or who else would have certainly punished Sonko over phone snatching, but why up to banning of a party? If executive can team up in emergencies, I want Judges to team up at the international level for those seeking power, not indifferently wait until you rise to power or reportedly abuse power. There should be conscientious judges at UN level, not just politicians, and those Judges must use conscience and vivid reasoning that students of law can accept or change in which ways. You cannot tell me 12 judges from different countries in and/or beyond Africa rule against banning of a party in Senegal and Macky Sall to say until Macron or Biden tells me. His white lawyer will thank Macron or white mother, but will say what to Macron, white sisters, black sisters, etc?

That was using the courts and now you can send clear messages from jail or your followers who support term limits at the party level will have a task. ‘I Jarga Kebba Gigo , the deputy of Ousman Sonko, Adama Barrow, or xyz greets the Gambia and the whole world.

As Terrible as Jammeh was, he banned parties he feared, but not UDP, but I still use the Gambia or Senegal as example. ‘Now that the courts clearly says no banning of parties, we demand immediate respect of the court or let the military act within one week, otherwise let the public protest with every given power , including prayers.

Let a deadly or proportionate stroke strike any police, judge, president, etc who tries to harm me in any way. Take up your guns as military or civilians for conscience to rule in every part of the world. Imagine Putin clearly labelling where coups or simple forceful removal will be accepted.

It means the Senegalese army know very well they cannot coup at random, but if they see thousands of Senegalese been beaten or killed in vivid wrongs, arrest, assassination, or coup will not get them in trouble. Just because the constitution or new law says I should hand over power immediately does not make it valid.

If I was the Army General or presidential guard of the Gambia in 2016, I would have used force unless the international world offered a better plan. Supposed I used forced to install the elected Barrow, I may have demanded things like no banning of parties. 2016 was a miraculous year for the Gambia or Africa at large, or how can a brutal coward like Jammeh be removed without bloodshed, just minimal indirect deaths of some running terrible citizens.

Ecowas must not mistaken countries, yes millions in Niger may flee or support you, but how many supported and now ready to fight against the questionable elected leader? They may lie only the soldiers that laid their lives for him and French interest, not the party dancers who karma should visit where need be. Now we have Gabon added, and Cameroon is over due for leadership change.

Guarding devilish leaders should never be seen as love for country, or a questionable peace where millions suffer or die slowly. An elected devil should be well guarded for the people to learn the hard way, but even elected leaders have red lines they should not cross or face the consequences.

Just like reasonable and unreasonable laws exist, reasonable and unreasonable demands exist. Ecowas cannot make the unreasonable demand that the elected leader of Niger+ must be re-instated. A reasonable demand is ‘We believe you may have legitimate concerns why he should not be re-instated, but we want you to hold elections within six to twelve months. During the six or xyz months, transform what you can through systems, gather evidence why he should be in court or not voted in, etc.

You can even present two sets of constitutions to be voted on and why you prefer one over the other. Then let the people choose under an internationally verified election. The claim that government cannot do much within months is a lie, especially where you rule by degrees due to the nature of an emergency. It takes months to years of studying a project or sector, but almost any project can be executed within months or even weeks. The world of the western leaning world is excuse oriented.

Again, let us use the Gambia as example. How many years does a TV station or university should be ‘on the pipeline’ as the supporters of Gambia’s Jawara keep claiming? I believe within months, Jammeh got the first TV station for the Gambia. In your case, you can order enough body cameras or build it’s factory there within months and supply Africa wide. Although Putin have more government cameras than civilians, but u.s is stubbornly reluctant on many good things, including the encouraging of culture of cameras by civilians than governments, and fine sharing where your civilian cameras help. Phone cameras cannot come close to the purpose and functionalities of body cameras.

Beside security, which I would have likely rather partnered with Russia over u.s; please do not choose between U.S. and Russia. I would have risked about three camera factories than three roads or bunch of weapons. I would have partnered with a western leaning camera factory, one Russian or Chinese company, and one randomly new company from multiple countries, including Africans.

Let them compete on who is more sincere in partnering and if we see intolerable wrongs, we divorce and or punish. Countless body camera factories are worth lot less than few millions. So Uranium or xyz for camera factory, enough boreholes, nationwide physical addressing, and many others can be within months after international acceptation or limited collaboration. Lacking enough international acceptance would have meant until you have enough achievements or they accept force or coup may be necessary in clearly coded language. I do not trust Putin enough either, because he should be setting reasonable demands.

First demand should be which laws you must respect or lose my protection. Other reasonable demands can include a list of projects either party can prepare and they smartly choose which ones to employ. For example on the list of ten, Russia can say at least three must be with Russia as primary manager. First draw, both choose Physical Addressing as example, Guinea, Mali, or Niger can be fully addressed within months.

That will be a record with spin-offs, including delivery jobs or how many Russian soldiers wonder why African countries are not addressed since colonisation and decades of questionable partners with neo-colonizers? Suppose no more matches on cameras, Russia can insist the future must be culture of cameras by government and/or the people. So we want Guinea or xyz to supply Africa enough cameras or at least it self.

At least twenty five percent of workers will be Russian or Guineans, compete under camera. I rather work with a good foreigner than bad citizen, but by keeping at least 25% of citizen under unbiased management, I will either change the citizens to work harder or shamefully keep them as minority in my factory. I am indeed a globalist and like long range of quotas and verifiable records. As said, decades of little yielding partnership with the west should not mean we allow decades with Russia or China.

Sincere partnership or divorce, just like girlfriends and you will learn from each to become a master teacher where a long list of questions determine whether we start or not, not just beauty. Otherwise, one night stand means only desperately in need or do not mind you for life? Co-Build my country within months and the rest of Africa can easily build one Russia more than 20 to 30 European countries who want only unjust trade and promises like those bad girlfriends? We are action men.

Ok, Poor France or UK, you claim to be under repenting and want centuries of neo-colonizing after centuries of colonization? Well , modern people live decades, not centuries. If you live centuries of slavery or colonization before you fight back, I am the black who do not mind to kill both slave master and house Negro even in Africa? That is a code from a true story that evil and good was/is in every race. A black king in Africa reportedly ‘beheaded a woman’s baby to have her breast-fed for the Queen’s new baby they were expecting’. The argument of the cruel king is she won’t have time for two babies, so let one live at the expense of the other? After weeks or months of complying, the victim (maid) poured hot oil on the new born baby of the king and queen, and ran away. So apparently there is at least one smart black woman who understand the importance of resisting than my very own Mum+, who narrated the story to me; admit the king was cruel, but ‘why the little child have to die’ ?

My mum is religious standing or leaning, I am certainly of conscience standing, then religious leaning; so I try to raise the religious folks towards conscience, including resisting based on conscience. Wait for judgement day can be on personal sins and very few sins between creatures; but I resist certain evil even if we are blood siblings. So can a just God see like me or am I wiser than your gods or religious preachers? The woman did not kill an innocent baby, she saved the baby from a cruel king with what type of Queen?

The maid/slave ran away and the two will suffer through memories and less likely to repeat that cruelty. Perhaps To the surprise of many, I think colonization was good, a smaller evil to be resisted within years, not decades. When worse than the colonisers take over and refuse to change, you overthrow them to be tested. God is looking for the best repentant from each world, then the worse of each before slavery, during slavery, post colonisation, and up to date, who may learn. Evil exist to be resisted, not tolerated; then ‘personal sins’ exist to be tolerated with sincere advice.

Ok, poor France or UK continuation. So we want to know the amount of Uranium+ you took from Niger for the past 50 years, amount paid, and amount made? Do you know profit sharing and in what different ways to use it in different aspects demands thinking than western education. So the Uranium helps power up your factories to make record profits? Well, may be it is the hard work of French people and immigrants than raw uranium, so let no lazy African try to rob the French either. So is France selling electricity to other European countries and how can you share profits or start direct selling to those in need? Europe rather buy from Russia unless where it is almost free from Africa.

So buy directly from us or let Russia be the new France, let Russia negotiate the rates, because many Africans cannot even negotiate sexual relationship terms, they hang on to fractional facts as total facts, reject conscience in the name of what? Of course there can be other laws, but time, space, health have me under limitation. May God bless us through showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

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