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Mr Drew Reacts To Kuami Eugene’s Claims That He Wrote 80% Of His Songs

Ghanaian hiplife artist, Mr. Drew has reacted to the allegations by his colleague,  Kuami Eugene that he wrote at least 80% of his songs.

Kuami Eugene had revealed that he wrote about eighty percent of Mr Drew’s hit song “Case” but did not receive proper credit for his contribution.

In an interview with U.S.-based Ghanaian vlogger Naana Donkor Arthur, Kuami Eugene expressed his frustration over not being acknowledged for his significant role in the song’s creation.

According to Kuami Eugene, he wrote about 80% of the song, including the hook and part of the second verse.

Eugene said he has a gift of songwriting and since he cannot sing all the songs in the world he often writes songs for others.

“Mr Drew’s song, “Case” I wrote the hook, and some part of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song that hook and everything was already done, he heard it and sang it back. So, I do writing for other artists as well,” he told Naana Donkor Arthur in an interview.

“It’s quite unfortunate that this is the platform I have to send a message to Mr Drew to prompt him to do what he needs to do because the song is doing good. That hook is great. If I had sang it by myself, it would have still been a hit song because I wrote that song thinking about wish me well,” he lamented.

Kuami Eugene also expressed his desire for the need for talents to be credited in the entertainment industry.

“He’s a brother. I wish we could appropriate where credit is due in the industry and give respect so we can move on as individuals,” he stated.

“All I heard from him was like bro, the song, make we drop and that was when I was in America. That was when he texted to ask if we should drop the song but because of the time difference, I was asleep and when I woke up, he didn’t inform my manager or anything, and the second person who was around when we recorded the song texted me later to inform me he (Drew) had dropped the song. I texted him (Drew) to ask and he left me on read,” he added.

However, reacting to this in a recent Tweet, Mr Drew suggested Kuami Eugene was lying about his allegations.