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Evangeline Gbernarty Writes : Suffering In Silence

We get so used to living with pain, that we forget it is there. The pain gets etched in our hearts and begins to eat us away.

The kind of pain that feeds on our glow and devours any beauty given. It hides under the eyes and sinks the socket, and no amount of food makes up for it.

There comes no need for work out and people even praise you for your great shape. When you suffer abuse (emotional, physical or any kind) and refuse to deal with it, you gnash your teeth absent-minded and your thoughts drift easily. You keep to yourself and discuss only in your head.

Dearly beloved of God, it is not too late to find your place and take what is rightfully yours. Peace is your right. Hope and happiness are also not far off. Open up, and talk to someone today. Talk to me. We can start off somewhere. The perfect picture the public has can never replace what your loved ones are losing because of your pain. You have changed. The pain has changed you but you don’t even know it.
I encourage you to resist suffering in silence.

Do not become an apology of God’s intent for your life. You are the Kings delight, and this is not how to make anyone happy. He wants to rejoice over you! There’s nothing wrong with love, joy, and peace. There’s a giver and a keeper of sound mind.

Watch your surroundings and make sure they contribute to the best of you.

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