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“E reach my turn, na woman come dey toast me” Datwarrigirl cries out over the caliber of people that approach her

Comedienne Datwarrigirl has revealed some interesting findings about the kind of people she attracts. The comedienne took to her instagram to share a quick gun story with her followers.

According to her, an older woman with 3 children had approached her and asked her out. Datwarrigirl, couldn’t contain her amusement as she recounted a rather unexpected scenario.

While diligently working out at her local gym, she was approached by this older woman who explained to her that she was just coming out of the closet.

What made this encounter funnier was the fact that Datwarrigirl does not identify as a lesbian. This led her to wonder out loud the king of people she attracts. “Why do I keep attract these kinds of people?”

She further stated that people who were gay or lesbians should look for people just like them. However, this gym incident dud not not look like the first time she might have approached romantically by someone of the same sex.

Her question “Why do I keep attracting these type of people?” proves that she has had to filed off such situations before.

While she refrained from outrightly calling the woman out or spilling further details, netizens have been quick to drop their commentary.

Peep the reactions of some netizens below;

One viks_vico had this to say,

“Why them no go toast you when na that your wig closure wey get teeth you dey use gyn”

One michael_kanoute had this to say,

“All these gym people a same sex most of Dem go dey find especially the men”

One juliusrebeccaolamide had this to say,

“Even for DM dem no dey allow person rest, how woman like me go dey toast me for DM with a real page for that matter, sometimes I begin to think if this shit is now legalised in this country. I don block tire and no be say I fine like that ow dem say na my bwess dey enter their eyes 3 God abeg ow”

One cheey_gram had this to say,

“Who mama toast this babe?”