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2025 will be the 18th time Ghana will go to IMF — Dr. Amoako Baah

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Political analyst, Dr. Richard Amoako Baah, says due to certain inherent factors, Ghana will keep reaching out to the IMF for funds in 2025, if Ghanaians keep the NPP and NDC in power.

Sharing his opinion on the possibility of Alan Kyerematen emerging as the winner in the 2024 presidential election, he condemned the NPP and NDC and predicted that the government would keep asking the IMF for financial bailouts.

“We don’t need NPP and NDC anymore. They have ruined the country. You adopt a method that doesn’t work, and when another chance comes around, you insist on the same method? That makes you a mad person. We say the definition of madness is a person who does the same thing and expects different results. We have gone to the IMF 17 times, and I tell you, in 2025, we’ll make the 18th run,” he stated.

According to Dr. Amoako Baah, Ghanaian leaders are thoughtless, noting that, it means there’s something fundamentally wrong.

“It’s not the money. Something else. Leadership is no good. We have no imagination. We are not visionaries. Our elections have become popular contests” he said.

In an interview with Nana Jantuah on Nhyira FM’s Kuro Yi Mu Nsɛm, Dr. Amoako Baah claimed none of the candidates presented to Ghanaians by the NPP and NDC deserve the presidency.

“These are the choices we have now; one a thief, and the other an armed robber. Which do you prefer? I ask you, between bad and worse, which will you choose? Who goes to buy an item and says they want the bad product? What it means is that the choices available are not good” he stressed.