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YouTubers put mattress in field to create world’s ‘worst Airbnb’ – and still get enquiries

A pair of friends who have their own YouTube channel set about creating the world’s “worst Airbnb” by plonking a mattress in the middle of a field, only to get an “insane” amount of interest from prospective guests.

YouTubers Rhys Simmons and Jamie Kamaz videoed the prank for their “Passion Squad” channel after finding it hard to find an Airbnb property at the right price.

Their intentionally shoddy offering consisted of a mattress, bedside table, lamp and two wines glasses filled with water – all obtained for free via Facebook marketplace – placed in a field in North London.

Having used the Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland, known for its outdoor aesthetic, as their inspiration, the pair described the “property” as being created in the image of “one of the most exquisite and unique hotels in Europe. It has got easy access to wildlife, some fresh air, and peace”.

Although they didn’t expect anyone to actually want to stay at their al fresco pad, the duo were surprised to receive numerous enquiries from prospective guests.

“Myself and some mates came together to create the worst Airbnb ever seen,” Simmons told The Mirror.

“But to our surprise when we uploaded this thing on to Airbnb, we had an insane amount of interest for people to come and stay within our establishment.”

He added: “This was an insane accomplishment. To create the worst Airbnb in the world and then get a crazy amount of requests to stay is something that we will never forget.

“You never know, we may have to open this thing up for full-time business.”

One-night bookings around Halloween have been cancelled in a bid to prevent house parties, with customers who had already paid for one-night rentals on those nights told their bookings have been scrapped and their money refunded.

The listing garnered a surprising amount of interest

Two and three-night reservations around Halloween will also be looked at by the Airbnb team, who may take action if the property is located near to the guest’s own home and they don’t have a history of positive reviews on the platform.

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