A woman who refused to let go of her 23 year relationship with her former partner breached a restraining order to turn up at her property, a court heard.

Marie Bell, 58, of Long Street, Middleton had previously breached a non molestation order, resulting in her receiving a suspended sentence in September 2020.

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At the hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court, the court heard how Bell, who had five convictions for 11 offences and had previously been in custody at Styal Prison, was given a restraining order in August 2020 but breached it in November, by sending her ex partner a text message and turning up at her property.

Defending, Huw Edwards, said she required help with her mental health.

Passing sentence, Judge John Potter told Bell, who had pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order, that she had to accept her long-term relationship had ended.

He said: "Your relationship is over.

"You must have no contact with her whatsoever or there is an almost certainty you will be sent back to prison.

"If you remember one thing from today's hearing remember that."

He read out a statement in court, written by Bell's former partner which stated she hoped Bell would not receive a custodial sentence.

She said: "I hope Marie can make something of her life now."

Judge HHJ Potter said: "To that extent she is seeking to support you."

But he warned that did not mean Bell could continue to be in contact.

He sentenced Bell to a three year community order during which she was to receive assistance with her mental health and 35 days rehabilitation activity days.

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