Great Britain

Your guide to everything that's going on in Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale

Money is tight at the Slaters', and Martin doesn't think that Kush's gambling is helping, although his mate tries to reassure him that he has it under control.

It turns out that Martin was right to be concerned, as Kush later helps himself to cash from the club till, unaware he's been spotted. Ruby drops hints that if he replaces the money, she'll say no more about it, but when he denies it, she goes straight to Kat to tell her about his gambling problem.

It seems Ruby is also tiring of being treated as the Slaters' piggy bank as she turns to Suki for help with running the family out of town. So, when Kush is invited to join the Panesars for a poker game, will he be able to resist?

Sonia is thrilled when a patient gives her a car, and Shirley offers to buy it from her. When Mick points out her offer is too low, Shirley just helps herself to the keys...

Honey's date with Paul takes a sinister turn when he spikes her drink, and Bobby's obsession with washing his hands increases.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Charity fears Vanessa doesn't want her anymore, so she's already feeling emotional when a driver hits her car.

She prepares to fight with him over whose fault it was, but when he offers to pay her £500, she senses something dodgy is going on and asks him for a grand. The negotiations turn flirty and they kiss, which leaves Charity feeling flustered. But just as she's about to leave, she hears a noise from his car boot, and the mood quickly changes. What has she got herself caught up in this time?

Dan is still trying to work, despite being in no fit state to be in the garage, so Amelia pops by to help, only to be injured when a car bonnet prop snaps shut on her while she's changing a battery. When Dan tries to spring into action, his back spasms, so Amelia once again comes to her dad's aid, but the pain proves too much...

Gabby continues to meddle in Leyla's relationship by sending Meena a bouquet of flowers, supposedly from Liam, and Tracy prepares for her scan, only to receive an unsettling call from Vanessa.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Craig is worried when Ray asks Faye to act as hostess while he entertains some investors with a poker game, but it turns out she's in more danger than the copper imagined when Scott turns up to rob the bistro at gunpoint.

The thief had intended to make Johnny his accomplice, but after the landlord suffers a severe MS attack and collapses, Scott knocks him unconscious and carries out the crime himself.

Johnny recovers enough to report the robbery to the police, and when Craig hears the call, he decides not to wait for backup and rushes to Faye's rescue, only to be caught in the crossfire.

In the wake of the incident, Johnny comes clean to Jenny about his criminal past and prepares to repeat his confession to the police - but Scott has other ideas...

Elsewhere, Steve and Leanne are hopeful when they think Oliver is reacting to sounds, although the doctor doesn't share their optimism. Alya considers selling Yasmeen's house to pay her grandmother's legal fees, only to find that Geoff has run up debts in his wife's name and also owns half the property.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

A flash forward shows that someone is going to end this week lying lifeless in front of a car - but who is it?

We do know that Sienna and Brody are planning on sneaking away from the village to make a fresh start together. Brody prepares by trying to steal Sophie and Sebastian's passports, while Sienna encourages Liberty and Damon to get together, hoping that will soften the blow of their departure. But can they really get away without Warren finding out - or Liberty laying claim to baby Faith?

And when it seems like Sienna is having second thoughts about going, Brody wonders if she wants to stay for her ex.

Elsewhere, Kurt has big plans for The Hutch, and also takes a shine to Verity, which leaves Sami feeling threatened.

Toby encourages Walter to stand his ground when Martine invites Scott and Mitchell to move in with them, and Romeo hopes to impress Cher, but she's also become the latest target of the McQueen blackmailer.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

It's fitting that Halloween is approaching, because Ned is about to find himself in a nightmare. He's taken back to the place where he was tortured, but Scarlett's taunting makes him face his fears and he follows her into the maze.

Unfortunately, more horror awaits when a bloody knife is found in the maze and Levi and Yashvi make a worrying discovery in Ned's car. Can he prove he's being framed?

Back on the street, Nicolette is also being haunted by the past when it turns out that she and her friend Audrey once stole a winning lottery ticket from a dying patient - and Audrey is finding it hard to live with the guilt.

Pierce and Dipi share another intimate moment following rows with their respective other halves. But when Chloe decides she does want to work on their marriage, will Pierce be able to put his indiscretion behind him?

Meanwhile, Clive wants to talk things through with Sheila.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Colby's affair with Taylor is heating up, but Bella plans to throw cold water on him by showing him some incriminating photos.

However, rather than putting him off, it proves just how deep Colby's feelings really run. Bella isn't the only one who could throw a spanner in the works though, as Ziggy blames Colby for ruining her relationship with Dean.

Speaking of Dean, he returns to a backlash from Ziggy and Amber. As if that wasn't stressful enough, he's left questioning if he's cut out for fatherhood after Jai falls ill during his first night of looking after him.

Justin is making strides in his recovery, while Tori is thrown by an odd comment from Dr Green.

Owen spends time with Alf and Marilyn, before undergoing a mood change that confuses Roo - until she realises that it's his birthday, which has brought back memories of Evan.

Angelo turns to Alf and John for information.

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