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You’ve probably been storing your ice-cream wrong as Ben & Jerry’s reveal the right way to keep it tasting fresh


LET'S face it - no one actually likes unpacking their food shop... which is why we simply chuck our groceries in the general direction of the cupboards where they live before calling it quits.

But when it comes to your all-important ice cream, it turns out there's a VERY specific way we should be storing it. And we have to admit, we've been doing it wrong all these years.

On their website, Ben & Jerry's claims the "right way" to store their ice cream is by keeping it upside down in the freezer.

The experts claim this stops their product developing freezer burn - which causes food to become dehydrated and oxidised.

The website reads: "Over time, ice evaporates. As the moisture leaves the ice cream and joins forces with moist ambient air, it refreezes on the ice cream's surface, creating the tell-tale crystals that indicate freezer burn."

Although freezer burn doesn't make ice cream unsafe any way, Ben & Jerry's says their ice cream tastes better when it's stored properly.

"What you're left with is a concoction that's icy, crunchy and kinda yucky," they added.

What's more, the brand also recommend storing the ice cream towards the back of the freezer to prevent the tub coming into contact with warm air.

But if this sounds like too much trouble, the experts concluded: "Of course, the other popular way to beat the burn is... eat the whole pint!"

In other words, you'll find us chowing down on a pint of Cookie Dough if anyone needs anything.

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