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You’ve been using Olaplex all wrong – it’s all about the order of the products to get the best results

OLAPLEX has become a household brand for many women who aim to have salon hair at home.

However, it turns out, you've been using Olaplex No. 3 all wrong.

Beauty blogger Abbey Yung revealed on social media that the order of your hair care products is hindering the effects of the Olaplex.

The brand prides itself on its patented formula to guarantees soft and shiny hair.

One of its most popular products is the No. 3, which is described as "a weekly at-home treatment, not a conditioner, that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel."

If you've purchased the product, you'll know the instructions on the bottle say to use before shampooing.

However, this won't be the case for hair that hasn't been washed in a week or has plenty of product build-up.

According to the brand, and revealed by the blogger, Olaplex isn't working for you because you need to first shampoo and rinse your hair.

After you've done that initial shampoo, you'll then apply the No. 3 and leave it on for at least ten minutes.

"Olaplex can't penetrate as effectively on dirty hair," she said.

After you've rinsed the Olaplex out, you'll want to shampoo and condition like usual.

This will guarantee even better results.

After she had posted her video, many were perplexed as to why the instructions weren't completely clear – as many will use the product first before shampooing.

Previously, Abbey had revealed the right way to shampoo your hair in order to guarantee true product penetration.

As she poured the shampoo out into her hand, she said in a TikTok video: "If your shampoo looks like this when you apply it to your scalp, try again.

"This won't spread evenly or cleanse your scalp properly. This is also why your hair gets oily fast."

A common practice people do is simply tilting the bottle over their head before scrubbing furiously with their hands – but it's wrong.

According to Yung, you need to put the shampoo in your hands first then rub your hands together to create suds that will easily spread and penetrate the dirt and oils in your scalp.

"Instead, emulsify the shampoo for several seconds – this will actually spread and cleanse evenly."