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‘You can’t cut a f***ing cucumber’: Khloe Kardashian teases Kendall Jenner for viral clip

Khloe Kardashian has responded to the viral clip of her half-sister, Kendall Jenner, struggling to cut a cucumber in a recent episode of the family’s reality TV show, The Kardashians.

In the clip, Jenner is seen trying and failing to cut the vegetable, with her mother, Kris, beckoning to their chef for help.

“I’m not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me,” the model says to the camera. “I’m not professional whatsoever.”

Seeing her daughter struggling, Kris beckons: “Hey chef, do you wanna cut this up for her?”

Determined, Jenner replies that she can do it herself. Alas, the internet had other opinions, with thousands of people sharing the video and mocking the model.

“Kendall Jenner trying to cut a f***ing cucumber is the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed,” tweeted one person.

Another added: “Obsessed with Kendall Jenner trying to prove she’s not an out-of-touch spoiled rich girl by insisting on making her own snack and almost dislocating her shoulder trying to slice a cucumber.”

Now, Kardashian has offered her thoughts on her half-sister’s cucumber mishap.

Speaking on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, the reality TV star spoke about how Jenner felt about the clip going viral.

“Oh, my God, she’s, like, not happy about that,” she said. “I feel so bad.”

Kardashian continued: “I’m like, ‘Kendall, god is fair. You’re the most beautiful human being in the world. You have wild-looking toes, god bless. And you can’t cut a f***ing cucumber.’

“The world is good. Because she’s like … how can you be this f***ing perfect? She has this perfect life, this perfect dog, she’s a gazelle of a human being, she walks the runway, she’s all these amazing things. You can’t cut a f***ing cucumber?”

Kardashian added that she would gladly help Jenner improve her culinary skills.

“Please, come over and stay with me for one week,” she said. “She’ll really cry herself a river, oh my god. But I’m going to teach her how to cut a cucumber.”