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You can now buy Tango Ice Blast lollies at Tesco

TANGO has launched two ice lollies in the same flavours as their famous ice blast drinks.

The drinks brand is selling two flavours, blue raspberry and cherry, of the ice lollies in Tesco and taste exactly like the original drinks, fans of the lollies say.

They’ve been made with real fruit juice and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and have a special flavoured liquid centre.

For those who are watching their waistlines, the cherry lolly has 84 calories per stick, while the the blue raspberry one has are 78 calories per stick.

We’ve asked Tango how much sugar is in each stick and will update this article when we hear back.

They come in packs of four and according to, they’re on the shelves for Tesco Extra stores for £2.49 and Tesco Express shops for £2.69.

Some shoppers said they could also be bought from Farm Foods, so we've contacted the chain to find out if this is correct.

The lollies were posted online by new products Instagram page, @_well_this_is_new_.

The post proved popular with ice blast fans, with dozens of people commenting on the post and it gaining thousands of likes.

One poster said: “These are great,” and another added: “Sounds lush.”

Until they came out in shops, fans of the drinks became creative at making their own versions at home.

One TikTok user revealed he made his own recipe using bubblegum-flavoured ice lollies, blue food dye and a tango.

He said at the time: "Don't be afraid to mix it up," he said. "Any ice lolly will work, I'm telling you.

"To be honest, even any fizzy drink."

Last year, Tango launched an ice blast in a peach and pomegranate flavour.

The lollies aren’t the only new flavours to be launched this year.

Twister launched a vanilla, strawberry and mango flavour back in May. 

Ben and Jerry’s also left ice cream fans open-mouthed after launching a new flavour with crisps in it.

Meanwhile, Tesco is offering offer 50% off hundreds of products to its Clubcard customers.

Farmer operates world’s first solar-powered ice cream van to stop children inhaling diesel fumes

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