Happy Yorkshire Day 2021!

Aye, on this important occasion, it’s imperative you be tested on your regional slang.

Don’t be a daft bugger, start your day with some Yorkshire tea and brush up on some of your fave northern phrases.

Every year on 1 August, the county is celebrated in joyous ways by its inhabitants and beyond.

For the non-initiated, it can be hard to guess the meanings of the fine accent.

So grab a Yorkie or test your own knowledge of the culture.

Can you differentiate your bray from your bairn or between chuddy and croggy? Take the quiz below and find out.

How many of these Yorkshire phrases do you know?

  1. The Yorkshireman’s motto is ‘allus do it fer thissen’ but what does thissen mean?

 2. What is a butty?

3. If you’re ‘bloody-minded’, what are you?

4. If you’re mardy then what are you?

5. You say tarra when?

6. What does b’aht mean?

7. What is ee by gum!

8. If I say put wood in t’ole, what do I mean?

9. What does tea mean?

10. If you’re feeling jammy, you are?

11. If you think someone is a bit nesh, you’re saying they are?


  1. Yourself
  2. A sandwich
  3. Stubborn
  4. Moody
  5. To say goodbye
  6. To be without
  7. Oh my god
  8. Shut the door
  9. Dinner
  10. Very lucky
  11. Weak

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