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Yob throws phone at keeper who picks it up and answers call as ref abandons derby after firework hits star player

A GOALKEEPER picked up the phone thrown at him by a hooligan and answered it during a crazy South American derby that had to be abandoned.

Flares and firecrackers littered the pitch in the Chilean top-flight clash between Colo Colo and Universidad Catolica.

And Colo's star player Nicolas Blandi was lucky to escape serious injury when one of the explosive devices went off right next to him.

Blandi limped off the field following treatment after he went down clutching his ears during the powder-keg fixture.

And referee Piero Maza Gomez clearly felt the players were in serious danger when he decided to call the game off with 19 minutes remaining.

Universidad Catolica were winning 2-0 at the time.

A moment's respite from the shock scenes came, though, when Catolica's keeper picked up a mobile that had apparently been thrown at him by a Colo supporter.

Matias Dituro was shown holding the phone to his ear and seemingly answering a call before handing the device to a team-mate.

Local reports claimed the food stalls within the Estadio Monumental David Arellano in Santiago were looted after the game and there were fights between fans outside the ground.

Colo's executive vice-chairman Harold Mayne-Nicholls said: "Clearly there was a security lapse. We will try to identify those involved and hopefully they will never come to the stadium again."

Fans at the capital's National stadium set parts of the terraces alight and threw objects at police during the the February 4 game against Universidad de Chile and Brazilian club Internacional.

The latest shameful scenes come around a fortnight after two Colo Colo fans were killed outside the ground.

It is alleged that that the first - Jorge Mora Herrera - was killed by a police truck and another - Ariel Morena - was killed during demonstrations held in protest against how Herrera died.