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X Factor perv Danny Tetley begged victim, 14, to delete sickening chat & not to talk to cops

X FACTOR contestant Danny Tetley was locked up today after he breached his bail conditions for contacting one of his seven terrified victims in a bid to escape justice.

In three sinister phone calls he urged the schoolboy not to co-operate with the police and to refuse to attend court.

But what the X Factor star was not aware of was that his brave victim was video recording the calls from his bedroom. Tetley was jailed for nine years after using his fame to beg children to send him indecent pictures in exchange for cash.

In the footage - obtained by The Sun - Tetley urges the boy, then 14, to delete their chats from Whatsapp and change his name in his phone.

He then says: "(You could say) I'm not interested in that, I don't want to press any charges, I don't want to give any statements and that will be it - they will leave it at that.

"Obviously it's totally f***ing your choice. If it goes to court, if you say 'no I'm not willing to go to court' then there's nowt they can do because that's your personal choice.

"It's already cost me a f***ing fortune like, f***ing hell, f***ing proper. It's a f***ing nightmare. Because I have never met anybody, it's not a meet, so it's not physical contact...because it's just messages...

"The f***ing CPS will have to think if we're not going to get a sentence then they won't bother. I could get a caution, I don't f***ing know, it just depends."


He goes on: "When they gave me f***ing my bail I knew there was something because on my f***ing bail sheet it said don't contact anybody on Whatsapp under 16. I thought 'argh f***, they've been through my f***ing Whatsapp'."

Then as the pair continue to chat Tetley suggests a "safer" way for them to stay in touch during the police investigation. In an astonishing admission he then reveals he has been getting help from a police officer.

He reveals that his sister got to know a copper from Bradford who gave him information.

He says: "It was him that told me if you are going to talk to anybody the best place is Snapchat because that's one thing the police can't trace.

"As long as you don't save the conversations...then once they have gone they can't trace them. Once those messages go, they're gone. You're f***ing better off. It's not traceable on Snapchat. I know it's full on f***ing proper safety chat there. Perfect.

"Probably best to be safe to delete the chat now and then talk on Snapchat. I think that's best. Just in case they get your phone and turn it on and this chat comes through.

"Right, so I will delete the chat now as well. You do the same and I'm going to get another drink, have a fag and I will message you on Snapchat."

The videos, taken in August, were handed to the police by the boy and Tetley was charged with perverting the course of justice.

He returned to court and was remanded into custody whilst his case was dealt with to prevent him from contacting his victims.

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