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Worried Jake Quickenden tells fans his baby son needs an operation but faces an agonising six week wait

WORRIED Jake Quickenden has told fans that his baby son Leo needs an operation but faces an agonising six week wait.

The X Factor star, 32, said that he was "worried" after hearing that his little boy needs a procedure.

Jake shared a clip on Instagram saying: "A few people are asking questions about Leo's hernia, we just noticed it in his groin area, it was a little lump pushing out.

"It seems to have got better by itself but he's been waiting a couple of weeks for this hospital appointment.

"So we're going to go and do it anyway, to get it checked out. But hopefully it's sorted itself out. We got told it was very common and he's not in any pain whatsoever with it.

"But I noticed it when I was changing him and everything you worry about don't you?"

Later on, Jake returned to his social media to update his followers on the outcome of Leo's hospital appointment.

Sharing a clip alongside his adorable son, the doting father said: "So it turns out he does need a little operation, he's not in pain but where it is in his groin it can strangulate and get into his testicles pretty much.

"It's pretty worrying but we have to wait about six weeks for the hospital to get in touch.

"But it's better to get it sorted if it can cause any future troubles and he seems pretty happy, he's not in pain as I said.

"Better to get it sorted, it's just worrying. I've had a lot of lovely messages, so thank you for reassuring me."

Jake's recently said that he is convinced that his 16-week-old son will go onto find fame after racking up 30,000 followers on Instagram page.

The star's child – whom he shares with stunning girlfriend Sophie Church – made his Instagram debut last month shortly after The Sun exclusively revealed he was born on February 26th.

"We made him an instagram. He has got nearly 30000 followers now," Jake told Vicky Pattinson on her The Secret To podcast.

"People are like: ‘does he really need an Instagram.’ I am like what an amazing gift to give him.

"We’ve got him a bit of a platform. He will have a few followers which is lovely."

Jake also explained that they started the Instagram for Leo because, "he is going to be an athlete or a model or something". 

He added: "If he wants to be anything. If he wants to do ballet, dance, acting... I can't wait to support him in anything he wants to do." 

Jake has had a tough time on Instagram since Leo's birth after trolls labelled the newborn "ugly".

Jake told The Sun: "I didn’t want to have to keep him a secret. He’s my son and I’m proud of him and I want to show the world how proud I am.

"Obviously the emotions I felt when he was trolled was anger and like surprise.

"I understand if someone doesn’t like me, I can be a bit annoying so I get that. But to troll a baby to try and get a reaction out of me, is a little bit low."

Jake Quickenden defends giving his baby an Instagram saying he has 30,000 followers and will be an ‘athlete or a model’

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