If you're a sucker for anything Nutella, then today is the day for you.

February 5, 2020 is World Nutella Day, a celebration of the popular chocolate and hazelnut spread and to mark the occasion, food delivery service Deliveroo have delved into their data banks to reveal the UK's most popular Nutella-based dishes.

According to the company, a number of the UK's best restaurants and takeaways are whipping up crazy Nutella concoctions - everything from Nutella Pizza to Nutella spring rolls.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: "Britain is renowned for inventing such culinary delights as the sandwich, the tiered trifle and of course the yorkshire pud. Mark the date, Feb 5th 2020 - the time we added The Nutella Pizza Ring to that list, top that for weirdness 2020!"

Here's a look at the top 10 most popular Nutella treats currently available to order on the Deliveroo app.

Pizza Ring from Arancina Pizza

1. Nutella Pizza Ring

Sicilian pizza restaurant Arancina in London's Notting Hill has created the sweet and savoury combo of our dreams.

Arancina's dessert menu features a Nutella Pizza Ring which they say is perfect to share and costs £5.90.

And if that's not decadent enough for you, they also make a Nutella and Ricotta Pizza Ring for the same price.

2. The Nutella Pizza

Those not in London don't have to miss out on a Nutella pizza as Very Italian Pizza in Brighton also make a version as well for £5.75.

This one has a traditional Neapolitan pizza base and is topped with the nutty spread.

The restaurant's dessert menu also features Scialatielli alla Nutella - which is a pudding made of fried strips of pizza dough and is served with Nutella. Yum!

3. Nutty Nutella Waffle

Waffle Genie in Balham is serving up fluffy Belgian waffles topped with Nutella, but this one might be their most decadent one.

The Nutty Nutella will set you back £8.25 and is made with Nutella, banana slices, mixed crushed nuts and whipped cream.

Nutty Nutella Waffle from Waffle Genie

4. Nutella Cookies

Sundaes Gelato in Plymouth specialises in sweet treats, everything from gelato to cheesecake and waffles.

This World Nutella Day, why not treat yourself to a Nutella Cookie.

Nutella and cookies - what's not to love?!

5. Nutella Bagel

Sometimes there's nothing better than tucking into a slice of toast slathered in Nutella, but why not upgrade your toast to a bagel?

B Bagel Bakery, which has branches in Soho and on Fulham Road in London offers a range of bagel fillings, but today only Nutella seems appropriate.

6. Nutella Milkshake

Oowee Diner in Bristol serves up all the burgers and fries you can ever want, as well as offering a selection of Thick shakes.

Their milkshake menu features strawberry, caramel, Oreo and Nutella, with the latter priced at £6.

Nutella Milkshake

7. Nutella Calzone

Clearly Nutella and bread is a winning combination, so yet another pizza restaurant is featuring the spread on their menu.

Pizza Brixton's dessert selection includes a Nutella Calzone for £4.20.

For those who didn't know, a calzone is an oven-baked folded pizza, stuffed with ingredients which typically include ham, vegetables or cheese.

Picture it stuffed with nothing but Nutella. Seriously, picture it.

8. Nutella Waffles

Manchester's Ice Stone Gelato also has their own version of Nutella waffles that are proving very popular with Deliveroo customers.

These hot Belgian waffles are smothered in the chocolate spread and served with bananas or strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

What better day to try them for yourself than today?

9. Nutella and banana spring rolls

Zing Zing Chinese restaurant in London has put a sweet spin on the classic spring roll.

Instead of a vegetable spring roll or a duck one, why not tuck into one filled with Nutella and banana? Could be the perfect way to finish off your takeaway after enjoying your sweet and sour chicken and special fried rice.

10. Nutella Mini-Doughnuts

La Nonna in Boxpark Shoreditch has a tasty treat on their menu for Nutella fans.

Their dessert offerings include Nutella Mini-doughnuts for £5.70.

Each order consists of six mini-doughnuts which are filled with Nutella and served with a chocolate sauce to dip them in or pour over the top.

This is what dreams are made of.

Nutella mini-doughnuts from La Nonna

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What other Nutella dishes can you get today?

As well as these popular Deliveroo options, here's a look at my top suggestions for something a little different, this World Nutella Day.

Ugly Dumpling in London takes a popular Asian street food and mixes it with unique and surprising flavours - including Nutella.

Their sweet offerings include Nutella dumplings which are served with mixed nuts and marshmallows and cost £5 for three.

Similarly The Chili Shack in Galway have created a dish like no other.

For a short time the Irish takeaway will be serving up Nutella chicken wings - yes, really.

The chicken wings have been coated in a Nutella marinade, made up of sauteed shallots, fennel seeds and brown sugar in a peculiar emulsion of butter, ketchup, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Nutella and The Chili Shack habanero hot sauce.

The special edition wings and a side of fries will cost you €9 and are available in store and on Deliveroo for the next two weeks.