Two women were filmed brawling violently at a supermarket after an argument over social distancing exploded at a checkout. The pair were filmed throwing punches, lunging at one another and screaming at the Walmart in Colorado Springs on Saturday.

Eyewitness Brianna Carroll, who recorded the incident, told KRDO: ‘It originally started with social distancing. The lady in front told the lady behind her to step back and she wasn’t six feet and pushed her cart back and then the lady pushed the other cart back.

‘The first lady started throwing the other lady’s stuff off the conveyor belt.’ Carroll says the woman dressed in purple had gotten too close to the woman in blue who was stood in front of her.



But she says the woman in blue – who was not wearing a face mask – acted too aggressively in telling her to back off, and inflamed the situation to the point where it became violent.


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Carroll said the two women continued to scrap for several minutes before finally being broken up.

She added: ‘I don’t know if the lady in the blue had a physical reason not to be wearing a mask, but she wasn’t even wearing a mask in regards to her complaining about the other lady not being six feet.’

Colorado Springs police say one of the two women – 60 year-old Laura Barr – has since been arrested for third-degree assault for punching the other women.

Neither of the pair has offered their side of the story. Walmart has implemented a mandatory face mask rule at all its stores in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, which has so-far infected more than 4.85million Americans, and killed close to 160,000.

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