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Women are getting the ‘best curls of their lives’ thanks to viral hack using a DRESSING GOWN belt

A WOMAN has revealed how to get perfectly curly hair using nothing but a dressing gown belt.

TikTok user Bri Harmon from the US, shared the impressive hack on her account which has since received over a million views.

Speaking in the video Bri explains that you begin with the belt from your dressing gown, and then dividing your hair into two sections wrap strands around the fabric.

She explains: “So I think you kind of do it like a French braid, and you just go around in circles, gathering more hair as you go and repeat the process until you get to the end and then you tie it in a ponytail.”

Bri, who has naturally straight hair, continues until her hair is divided into two braids and then she sleeps on it.

When she unravels her hair the next morning she is left in shock to discover she has perfect curls, telling viewers she would “10/10 recommend.”

Plenty of her followers were desperate to know more about the trick and whether they needed to use any special products.

She said: “It was actually my hair after not watching it for two days.There was no product in my hair, it was just my natural hair - it was just a little bit damp.

“I would recommend damping your hair but make sure it’s not wet because it would be very hard to dry.

“My curls lasted nearly all day and I definitely didn’t put hairspray in it, but I definitely do recommend putting hairspray in it.”

She also reassured viewers with shorter hair that it would work on their hair too.

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