A woman who threw a milkshake on a homeless man as he was being punched and kicked on the ground, has been spared jail.

Dana Hooper, 24, was ordered to do unpaid work after a clip of her throwing liquid over the 60-year-old man as he was being attacked, was viewed thousands of times.

As Nick Hulley lay on the floor in considerable pain, defending himself against a vicious attack, Hooper threw her milkshake all over him, Brighton Magistrates court heard.

The incident took place on October 13, after Hooper followed Mr Hulley after an earlier confrontation.

Hooper, from Portslade, pleaded guilty to common assault by throwing her drink over Mr Hulley.

District Judge Teresa Szagun told Hooper her sentence was increased by the humiliation she subjected him to.

She said: ‘I found it was an aggravating feature, you were prepared to continue following him – whilst he was being assaulted by others – to add to the humiliation by the action you took.’



Suzanne Soros prosecuting said independent witnesses described being concerned for Mr Hulley’s safety and trying to intervene.

Ms Soros said: ‘She carried on abusing him even after people were saying to leave him alone.

‘They describe kicking while he was on the floor and he was shouting and groaning in pain.’

Mr Hulley has not come forward to make a complaint, the court heard, and there would be no financial compensation for him.

Hooper was with a group of friends on the Sunday evening.

Ed Fish, defending, said there had been a confrontation between Hooper, her friends and Mr Hulley.

The court heard Hooper has been afraid to leave home since the video went viral.

The judge ordered Hooper to serve a 12 month community order, including 12 rehabilitation days and 80 hours unpaid work.

She will also be under electronic weekend curfew and will have £175 costs and surcharge deducted from her benefits.

Peter Derbyshire, 37, of Bognor Regis is charged with assault by beating of Mr Hulley.

He is due to appear at Brighton Magistrates court at the end of the month.