A woman is searching for the man who kept her awake until the paramedics arrived after she was seriously injured in a car crash.

Rebecca Kenny, from Birkdale, had to be cut out of her Toyota after she was in a collision on her way to work on Friday, October 1.

The 37-year-old broke her spine in two places, as well as breaking vertebrae in her neck, and suffering fractures in her hip and breastbone.

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Rebecca told the ECHO: "I was driving to work as normal, and when I got to Mairscough Lane I remember checking my speed, even though I drive it every day.

"As I rounded the bend, my rear wheels skidded and I lost control of the car. I tried to regain control but ended up swerving into the oncoming traffic, where [my] driver's door [collided with] another car.

"I don't remember much except for the panic in the voices of the people [in the car she had crashed with] and the fact I couldn't breathe. I remember looking down and seeing my leather belt had snapped in two."

Rebecca says she undid her seatbelt and was trying to get out of her seat when a man approached the car.

She continued: "He said his name was John and that he was a doctor.

"He asked me lots of questions about myself, and kept me awake and talking. He took charge of the situation, and got another driver to call my husband and my workplace.

"He sat with me, talking to me until the fire service arrived."

Southport Road and Mairscough Lane blocked after a two car crash
Southport Road and Mairscough Lane were blocked after the two car crash

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service confirmed firefighters had to cut Rebecca out of her car.

She added: "The fire service were brilliant. They gave me oxygen, monitored me and talked me through how they were going to get me out. I just remember thinking 'I have ruined so many people's mornings'.

"I was totally mortified.

"When I got pulled out of the car and put into the ambulance, I heard them radio in that I was going to major trauma. At that point I felt scared."

Rebecca was rushed to Aintree Hospital where scans confirmed her injuries.

She also had severe bruising across her stomach hip, where her seatbelt had been.

Merseyside Police said the driver of the other car, a Fiat, involved in the collision suffered "soreness" but was otherwise uninjured.

The crash happened at around 7.40am at the junction of Southport Road, Church Lane and Mairscough Lane on October 1.

Rebecca would like to track down John so that she can thank him.

She said: "I don't remember what he looked like, or what he was driving. But he really was brilliant."

Merseyside Police has been approached for further information regarding the cause of the collision.

Since her accident, Rebecca has written a book about her injuries. She is selling copies to raise money for the major trauma centre at Aintree Hospital.

To find out more, or to buy a copy, click here

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