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Woman spends £3k on ‘extreme glow up’ makeover in time for ‘hot girl summer’ including eye lift and nose surgery

A WOMAN decided to fork out £3,000 for an extreme “glow up” makeover after lockdown, just in time for “hot girl summer.”

Millie Taylforth, 20, from London, booked appointments to update her hair and nails, and also had a “foxy eye lift” and nose surgery to complete the look.

She first headed to Harley Street to kick off her transformation with the nose thread, which is a non-invasive corrective surgery that helped to lift her nose tip.

Millie documented her transformation in a YouTube video, and said: "My nostrils are kind of tiny and I just want to widen it a little, hopefully it doesn't go wrong."

She was given an anaesthetic injection in her nose, before a needle was inserted into the tip to re-shape the end.

Although she said she was "traumatised by the pain", the influencer was overjoyed at the results.

After looking in the mirror said: "Oh wow! What, oh my God, that is actually crazy.

"How did you do that? Such a change like it's so much more symmetrical. I don't have to get a full-on nose job as well."

Next, Millie forked out £600 to have a “foxy eye lift”.

This had an instant effect, but not a particularly desirable one, as her eyebrows were left "glued" to her temples.

The next stop on her beauty journey was to the nail salon for a manicure and she opted for white glossy acrylic nails with gold trimmings.

However, she was not impressed with the results, and later fumed:  "So I hate the nails I got, not happy.

"I spent so long scrolling through Pinterest the other night trying to pick my [favourite] nails because I thought I booked into a really nice bougie place in Kensington.

"I got there I realised I got catfished."

Speaking of the cost for her nails, she said: "I guess white nails are timeless but they are so boring. 

"I wanted a design on them. Anyways, I'm now £60 poorer."

The last stop was to the hair salon, and she had balayage hair dye and hair extensions to transform her mane.

Comparing her “before” and “after” looks, Millie didn’t feel that the end result was worth the money.

She said: “I feel it's not really done anything and I spent so much money on that as well, like a disgusting amount of money.”

She admitted that her nose thread and the eye lift “didn’t make that much of a difference.”

Millie added: "I didn't realise it was that expensive until it was too late."

However, her followers said they noticed a difference between her recent videos. 

One wrote: "She looks so different. What had she done to her face?"

Another added: "Woah didn't recognise you at first.”

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