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Woman snags a bargain set of drawers for her room renovation, but is bitterly disappointed when they turn up

MORE and more people are relying on the internet for all of their  purchasing needs. 

But it can be pretty risky business when it comes to the product actually meeting your expectations - especially when the price seems too good to be true.

If you've ever ordered anything online than chances are you'll know exactly how it feels when it arrives at your door looking completely different to how it was advertised.

In same cases, you don't know whether to laugh at the sight of it, or cry that you've wasted your hard earned cash on something you'll never get the chance to use.

One savvy shopper was on a shopping high after thinking she'd bagged the bargain of a lifetime, but as it turns out, the term "always read the fine print" has never been more fitting because, friends,  Siobhan Mcknight didn't read the fine print and is now suffering the consequences.

In a bid to find the perfect set of drawers for her bedroom, Siobhan took to the online world hoping to snatch up a bargain.

And she did - in fact, after spotting her the ideal set of drawers from the online shopping service Groupon, Siobhan was thrilled to see that her bargain hunting had paid off, because at just £16.99, the offer was hard to refuse.

But upon receiving the item, the bargain hunter realised perhaps she SHOULD have read the fine print, because as it turns out, the drawers she ordered was actually a miniature version  - hence the cheap price.

Finding amusement in the minor mishap, Siobhan posted to the DIY On A Budget UK to share her shopping fail with its members.

Alongside a picture of the drawers she'd received, she said: "Thought I'd give you all a giggle. Bought what I thought was the bargain of the year on Groupon - chest of drawers for £16.99. Me being me didn't bother to look at sizes etc, looked big in the pictures"

And her very relatable post spoke to anyone who has ever ordered anything online, with many sharing their online shopping fails, with some even suggesting alternative uses for her drawers.

One person said: "I’ve made many a mistake buying online, I think we all have & it’s a lovely jewellery box btw "

Hilariously, a second person wrote: "Oh I've done this ordered a gorgeous rug off amazon! It turned up in an envelope!! Was for a dolls house"

And turns out Siobhan wasn't the only one who fell for the too-good-to-be-true bargain that was a cheap set of beautiful drawers.

One person who'd bought the same drawers said: "I made he same mistake but my daughter absolutely loves it and uses it for her nail varnish and make up."

While a second wrote: "Omg I did exactly the same with the exact same drawers!! Much to the amusement of my family who think it’s hilarious!!"

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Customers share their online shopping fails