With Christmas just around the corner, we’ll all be looking for ways to save money.

But if you struggle to put money aside for the big occasion, one woman has a trick for you.

Chantelle explained that all you need is an empty Smarties tube to start your money-saving journey - or more than one if you're up for the challenge.

She demonstrated the hack in a TikTok video, where she’s known as @chantelleef .

It was captioned: "This is your sign to collect Smarties tubes and £2 coins."

In the clip, which has amassed 140,000 views, Chantelle revealed that the chocolate packaging is the perfect size to fit £2 coins.

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When filled to the top, the tube can hold £166 - and you wouldn't even realise it.

One person said: "That’s such a good idea omg."

Another tagged their friend and wrote: “We should do this so we have money saved for each other for Christmas and for your birthday too.”

Fill the tube to the brim (


It's as easy as that (



A third commented: "This is quite smart actually."

Someone else joked: "If it doesn’t have a massive alarm system and have traps on it, it won’t even last a day."

However another user admitted that they only ever get a £2 coin "every few months", so it would take them ages to be able to save 83 of them.

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