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Woman shares simple item she found in her boyfriend’s car which has her convinced he’s cheating

NOTHING'S as heartbreaking as finding out your loved one, the one you thought would stay loyal, turns out to be something you never thought he would.

Unfortunately, some cheaters are unfairly lucky and never get caught.

But not Angelina's boyfriend - although we're still unsure if he had cheated on her or not.

Whilst being taken for a little drive, the 22-year-old cheerleader was looking around the boyfriend's car when she noticed something that made her heart drop.


''I found lip gloss in my bf's car,'' she said in the video which has since gone viral on TikTok, with over 11 million views.

The problem?

According to her, she doesn't use any lip gloss in her beauty routine.

She then points the camera to her boyfriend - who doesn't appear to have suspected anything.

Many quickly suggested she used it to see his reaction, with someone adding it was a nice shade anyway.

There were also those who said there could be more to the story: ''Plot twist: he secretly owns a beauty channel.''

''Maybe he uses lip gloss?'' was another guess.

However, Angelina decided to stick to what the majority had told her to do and confronted her boyfriend, who cleared it up by explaining it was his sister's lip gloss.

''He told me it's his sister's lip gloss!'' she announced.

''I don't believe that!'' one quickly commented, with one adding: ''Pov: he don't have a sister!''

The TikTokers didn't seem to buy this at all and insisted she talked to his sister.


''Boys will use this now as LIE!'' another one said.

''I don't believe that tbh,'' added a viewer.

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