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Woman shares photo of bride’s Disney-themed wedding shoes but people say they’re hideous


A DISNEY-fan decided to walk down the aisle in a bespoke pair of heels featuring her favourite characters, but her shoes have been compared to a kid’s birthday cake. 

Disney princesses are a big inspiration for brides on their wedding day, but one woman wanted to incorporate some lesser known characters into her big day. 

The bride opted for a custom pair of blue shoes, featuring Cinderella's carriage, her fairy godmother, a pumpkin and other bizarre designs.

Her garish shoes have been finished with pearls and jewels, with a gem trim around the edge and crystal snowflakes on each side. 

Despite looking like a complicated and time-consuming creation, the shoes have been branded ‘hideous’.

People have compared the shoes to everything from a birthday cake to footwear for a drag show, with one person saying: “They look horrifically uncomfortable.”

Someone else wrote: “I thought that was a hideous cake. Not a pair of whatever they are.”

A third commented: “It looks like someone threw up a kids birthday cake.”

I thought that was a hideous cake


Another person thought: “Look, I love Disney like any 7 year old.

“What that in Merlin’s name is this?? Who wants to wear this to their wedding?”

While somebody else added: “Those would look bomb on the right drag queen though.”

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