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Woman shares easy hack for dicing an onion in seconds – and it stops you crying too

A HOME COOK has shared their incredible way of slicing onions easily in seconds - and it’ll even prevent you from crying too. 

Jaycee Baso, from Sydney, did a TikTok video which provides a tutorial for effectively chopping the vegetable. 

The handy hack means she can fully dice an onion in under a minute. 

To achieve the speedy technique, you need to cut the onion in half from stem to the root using a sharp knife, ensuring the root stays intact.

Then peel the skin of the onion off after slicing off the root, and place one half of the vegetable flat side down on a chopping board. 

Hold the root end while you slice vertically but avoid fully cutting all the way through. 

Then you need to rotate the onion round, and slice vertically through it.

Then you need to repeat this for the other half of the onion. 

Jaycee revealed that this leaves you with perfectly diced onions that are ready to be cooked. 

And what’s her trick for avoiding shedding any tears when chopping?

The cook advised that you place onions in the fridge before you need to slice them. 

She told Femail: “Also, people think the odour from the onions into your eyes is what makes you cry, but it's not - it's actually the odour going into your nose. So goggles won't help. So shove some tissues up there if it's really bad.”

Jaycee also advised that you should walk away, take deep breaths near a window or blow your nose if you start to tear up.

Why does slicing onions make you cry?

As we chop up an onion, it releases enzymes that act as catalysts for us weeping over your kitchen counter.

When these molecules are released they form a type of acid which then reacts with the air - the resulting gas hits your eye, reacting with the water there to create sulphuric acid, which burns.

This leads to more tears as your eyes tries to get rid of the stinging.

The cook also advised chopping a large batch of onions and then storing them in freezer bags to be used months later if you wish. 

She said: “Then when you're ready to use them, simply defrost for a few minutes or throw straight into the pan. Perfect for quick cooking, and saves you from having to chop them all the time.”

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