A woman's clothes caught fire in the middle of a supermarket after an e-cigarette battery she was carrying apparently exploded.

Sarah Beckett was in her local branch of Aldi when she started to feel and hear something strange in her pocket.

Shortly afterwards the 47-year-old from Merseyside began screaming as her coat, jeans, and jumper all went up in flames.

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Luckily other quick-thinking shoppers ran to grab bottles of water with which to put out the blaze.

"She was walking around Aldi and felt and heard something in her pocket," her husband Andrew told the Liverpool Echo.

"It all seems a bit surreal but she remembers screaming and an older couple coming to her assistance.

"As they did so Sarah opened her coat and the red hot battery slid out of the hole it had melted and bounced along the floor, still glowing orange.

"The elderly lady kicked it away, grabbed a chair from somewhere, and started to douse her with water from the shelf."

Andrew added he later read on social media that e-cigarette batteries can have an adverse reaction if the positive end comes in contact with something metallic like a key or a coin.

She was left with suspected second degree burns
Sarah's husband Andrew said he daren't think about what would've happened had she been in the car at the time

"Basically it shorted in her pocket and exploded like a firework, setting light to her clothes," he said.

Sarah was taken to hospital and is now recovering at home with suspected second degree burns, for which she is receiving treatment.

"She was very lucky. I keep thinking that a few minutes earlier she would have been driving on the main road," added Andrew.

"It haunts me to imagine what might have happened."

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