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Woman reveals trick that will get you out of awkward conversations without seeming rude – and people say it’s ‘genius’

WE’VE all been in conversations that we just want to get away from - but it can be difficult to tactfully exit a social encounter without seeming rude. 

Fortunately, a mental health expert has revealed one way to leave a conversation without coming across as a downright rude person. 

Now that the world is open and we’re running into people in real life again, this trick is bound to come in handy very soon. 

A mental health coach and Tiktok user has shared a series of videos explaining specific psychology tricks and how people can use them to their advantage. 

In a recent viral video, Karissa Wampler explained how you can comfortably get yourself out of awkward conversations.

If you use this technique, you won’t have to make up excuses or awkwardly walk away. 

In fact, you can make the other person end the conversation of their own accord. 

In the video, she said: "Next time you're stuck in a conversation you don't want to be having, here's what you're going to do.

"Instead of making up a lame excuse or just walking away, you can actually use psychology to make THEM end the conversation for you.

"While you are talking, switch between looking at the left eye/right eye/forehead."

She added: "Looking at the forehead makes the subconscious incredibly uncomfortable which will lead people to believe that they need to exit the conversation.

"And you don't have to say anything."

The video has since been watched over 400,000 times and amassed over 70,000 likes.

Commenters couldn’t wait to try the trick themselves.

"You are out here doing God's work”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “That’s so smart.”

"Wow, I need to try that," added a third.

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