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Woman reveals how you can sneak more items in your carry-on without paying extra fees to airlines

THESE days, people will do anything to pack more and pay less as airlines up the luggage fees like never before.

And yes, you could definitely pack clothes inside a pillowcase and pretend like you're using it for extra comfort but that just seems like too much work.

Courtney VanAuken, an avid traveler, shared her hack in a Facebook video as she tried to get more personal items through security without having to pay extra.

"Airport hack: the next time you don't have enough room in your personal item for packing purposes and you're trying to avoid Spirit or Frontier's carry-on charges, grab a bag after security and put your stuff in there," she explained as she herself dumped a few clothing items into a plastic white bag.

Similarly, Anya Iakovlieva managed to smuggle a number of extra items with her on the plane by using an empty pillowcase.

Presumably, the cabin crew checking passengers onboard assumed the pillowcase was going to be used as a sleeping aid, as Anya then showed a clip of herself hugging the pillow on the flight.

The clip, which is titled “The best travel hack ever – pillow flies for free” has been liked more than 350,000 times since it was posted two days ago.

But if you don't want to go through the effort, packing expert Daan Dijkstra, who holds the impressive job title of “pack master” at adventure product company, Kathmandu, says there is an obvious thing to start with.

Daan told Escape: “My biggest tip is to look at the overall weight of the luggage itself.

“I mean people will cut off half their toothbrush to shave a gram off but overall the bag they’re taking is actually a really heavy bag.

“You need to remember that the bag weight is included in the 7kg (15lbs) and often people choose bags that already weigh 2-3kg (4-6lbs).”

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