In a scene that would be left on the cutting room floor of a Hollywood rom-com, one man's sweet gesture recently backfired in a big way.

By "backfire", we mean the woman was taken aback by the unusual sketch, which probably wasn't his intention.

It's an important lesson - if anyone needs a reminder- that life is not actually like Love Actually.

The setting for this particular drama was an airport in Minnesota, where a stranger decided to sketch a woman sitting across from him at the gate.

Romantic, no?

Well, the woman described it as the "most devastating moment of her life," and while she's not being totally serious, she's not totally joking either.

Emma was left in stitches (

The artwork from a stranger (


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She described the incident on TikTok, where her recounting of the awkward moment racked up millions of views.

"I was flying from Connecticut to LA, it was my first time like really travelling by myself cross country.

"I was this...a pretty normal flying outfit, I was kind of feeling myself, it was the first time I'm going cross-country.

"So I was feeling good about what I'm doing, I was sitting at the gate in Minnesota, it was like seven in the morning and this guy about my age sits down across from me.

" He starts staring at me, and then he whipped out his sketchbook and like a 24 pack of Crayolas and he is staring at me, and drawing and staring at me and drawing.

"And at first I was a little bit creeped out..but I decided it was awesome."

But she wasn't so impressed by what the man showed her after 30 minutes of sketching her.

She explained: "The the guy gets up and he goes 'I'm sorry if this is weird but I drew you."

Emma then unveiled the artwork - and while it is a good drawing, it's fair to say it's not the most flattering portrait, with one viewer dubbing it "terrible."

Describing the portrait as the "most offensive image of me of all time" , Emma said: "I almost started crying...he signed it, his name was Joe.

"Never before in my life have I been humbled so instantly."

She added: "I was expecting to get handed a beautiful well-shaded [portrait].

"I have angry eyes. I look like a Republican because I'm not wearing my mask. I had my hair up in a clip, such as this, but apparently, it translated like that."

One viewer commented: "This is the best thing I've ever seen. I would not know how to respond. I think I would just have to pass away."

Responding to this, Emma described how she responded in the moment, to the well-intentioned gesture.

She said: "I was really nice about, I was, I took a minute and I thanked him."

Another said: "This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life."

A third joked: "I'm going to start doing this to people as a power move to take them down a notch."