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Woman left 'bleeding' after rough ride on fairground while she screamed for it to stop

A British tourist suffered serious injuries after she was thrown from a fairground ride travelling at around 50mph during a trip abroad.

Melissa Hunter, 35, had travelled to Turkey with friends for a break when she decided to have a go on the waltzer attraction behind their hotel.

The fun soon turned sour however as she was flung from it at high speed, waking in a pool of blood with a broken nose as well as lacerations to her head, an elbow and a knee.

Melissa, from Southport, told Liverpool Echo : “If that had been a child there would have been no way they would have survived that.

“He (the attendant) is laughing and we're laughing at first. Then he started turning it up so it goes faster and faster. Because of the g-force or whatever, I am on the outside of the carriage and my friend is on the inside because she is smaller then me, she is leaning into me.

The 35-year-old had to have stitches in her forehead after the incident (


Melissa Hunter)
Melissa wanted to warn others of the dangers (


Melissa Hunter)

"We're going round and laughing then he stops so we think he's finished. Then he looks at us again and he turns it on backwards, so we're going backwards. Then he turns it up, so we're forward again and turns it right up and he's laughing.

"At this point I am screaming and I am saying to Terri 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe' and she is trying to drag herself back to her side of the carriage but she can't because he was going so fast."

Melissa was “hanging” from the ride and was shouting for it to stop before she was thrown from the ride travelling between 40mph and 50mph into a metal bar

Melissa was knocked unconscious and was "bleeding very badly".

Melissa had been on holiday with friends when the incident happened (


Melissa Hunter)

She was taken to hospital where it was found she suffered a broken nose and needed stitches in her head, knee and elbow.

She also needed to have multiple MRI scans and claims she was told her hospital records said she had to have a blood transfusion.

Melissa shared her experience so she could warn others of the potential dangers.

She added: "My friend said to me 'Mel you were on the floor in a pool of blood, I thought you were dead. I have never seen so much blood'. The blood was clotting.

“There was no health and safety, you don't think do you? You're just on holiday, I am having a good time and I feel like I need to say something as I could be saving a child's life."

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