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Woman ‘kidnapped her best pal’s newborn baby and faked pregnancy’ before mom found ‘murdered’

A WOMAN accused of kidnapping her best friend's newborn baby had faked a pregnancy weeks before the mom was found murdered.

Heidi Broussard's body was discovered stuffed in the trunk of a car parked in Magen Fieramusca's driveway in Houston, Texas - 165 miles away from where she vanished.

The mom's one-month-old baby Margot was alive and "healthy" - with cops believing 33-year-old Fieramusca killed her best friend and tried to pass the tot off as her own.

She had told pals she had recently given birth to a baby girl of her own called Luna Mae just weeks before Heidi was slaughtered.

Fieramusca also set up a baby registry at Target with a man named Christopher Green, who is actually her landlord, revealed.

And the suspect even adopted a "pregnancy waddle" when she walked.

A mutual friend, Caressa Nolte, had called into a podcast when Heidi disappeared on December 12 - only to be told cops were descending on Fieramusca's home on Friday.

She told Jay 4 Justice: "I talk to Magen every day. She's been like sick over this. She just had a baby and she's breastfeeding."

When pressed on the new baby, she continued: "Her name is Luna Mae.... she's 15 days old, 16 days old."

She revealed she had never met the child, but said she "sounded sweet" when she heard her in the background while on the phone to Fieramusca.

The suspect, who met Heidi at a church camp when they were 11, has been charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse.

She has not been charged with murder - but an autopsy revealed Heidi died from ligature strangulation with cops launching a homicide investigation.

Officials are still waiting for official confirmation of the baby's identity through DNA testing but believe it is Margot, The Statesman reports.

Heidi and Margot had dropped her six-year-old child Silas off at school in Austin before last being seen on CCTV getting into Fieramusca's car.

Her fiancé Shane Carey and parents Tammy and David Broussard issued a desperate plea for information.

They said: "We miss all of them very much, and we want them home.

"Heidi wouldn't do this, there's no way...She loves her son Silas and she would never do this, and she would never take Margot down those stairs without her carrier and have her strapped in and her diaper bag strapped to her back."

Fieramusca appeared in court on Friday where she she pleaded no contest to six traffic related tickets and was found guilty.

Bond amounts were also set for her charges in connection to Broussard's murder and Margot's kidnapping.

Baby Margot is currently in the care of Child Protective Services.

Distraught father appeals for safe return of his partner Heidi Broussard, 33, and two-week-old baby after they vanished on school run

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