With winter in full-swing, it’s a good idea to watch your step when walking through icy streets.

Mum-of-two Tanyah Campbell, 29, learnt that lesson the hard way when she slipped over while staring at her phone in Smithton, Inverness.

Even while on the floor she carries on looking at the screen and her mates double over with laughter as she slips and slides while getting back up.

She was described her as ‘Bambi on ice’ and made what should have been a five minute journey back from the shops last 20 minutes.



Tanyah was walking with pals Caithan Brooks, 18, and Louise Macintyre, 33, after buying snacks for a movie session at home at around 10pm on Monday.

The cleaner seemed to see the funny side when she took a tumble and giggles as her gripless boots cause her knees to give way.

Caithan, who works as a carer, said her pal nearly took her down with her a few times.

She added: ‘It was absolutely hilarious. It was like Bambi on ice.

‘She just couldn’t keep her balance at all and just kept ending up hitting the deck.’