A woman died of coronavirus while she was sat on a plane waiting to take off, officials have confirmed.

The woman, who has only been identified as a resident of Garland, Texas, US, died while the plane was still on the tarmac waiting to take off in Arizona, Dallas County officials have said.

It is unclear if the woman, who was in her thirties, was aware that she had Covid-19 at the time of her death, Buzzfeed News reports.

Before the woman died, she had trouble breathing and was given oxygen, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins told NBC 5 Dallas–Fort Worth.

Even though the woman died on July 25, the county wasn't notified that it was a Covid-19–related death until only a few days ago, Judge Jenkins said.

The judge said that the woman's death was a "reminder that there is no age restriction in Covid."

"I would strongly encourage people to not think they’re invincible from Covid because they don’t think they’re in a high-risk category," he said.

The woman died on July 25, officials confirmed Sunday, October 18, evening.

In a statement, Dallas County has said the woman did have underlying "high risk health conditions".

Officials did not identify which airline the plane she was on at the time of her death belonged to.

The woman did have underlying "high risk health conditions"

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