A woman was hit by a rock and left with a bloodied face after a broad daylight attack by a fellow dog walker.

Rachel Matusiewicz, was walking her new 12-week old miniature dachshund when she says she was struck in the head with a rock and shoved to the ground, leaving her with a bloodied face.

She says that her attacker pushed her with such force, her puppy, Rolo, went flying in the air, landed on his back and screamed out such a noise that she'd thought he'd broken his back.

Rachel, a complementary therapist, says the attack took place on November 24 at just after 2 pm in the afternoon as she and Rolo walked through Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.

The 36-year-old added: "I had only had Rolo for about four weeks when this happened and he hadn't even had his second vaccination so I was walking around the park with him in my arms.

"I only let him down to see if he would go to the toilet.

"I am a 6ft woman and I have always considered myself to be a strong person.

"Although I was terrified for my own safety, the most traumatic thing was the sound that Rolo was making after he was sent flying out of my arms, into the air and landed on his back.

Rachel's puppy Rolo asleep in his bed (


Caters News Agency)
Rachel Matusiewicz before the attack (


Caters News Agency)

"I could hardly see what was going on around me because of the blood pouring into my left eye after he launched the rock at my head.

"During our walk, I saw a male approaching with two large Labradors off the leads.

"Rolo was still a tiny puppy and shouldn’t have been mixing with other dogs so instinctively picked him up again.

"The man was eyeballing me. It felt so invasive and uncomfortable. He lingered, said hello and smiled.

"I smiled back but didn’t say anything."

After the man had walked past her, she went to put Rolo back down on the ground.

Before taking her hands off her puppy she looked back to check there was enough distance between them but says he was still watching her.

Rachel from from East Goscote, Leicestershire, added: "It was a brief but really strange exchange. He said 'you're a bit weird' repeatedly, I assumed it was because I had picked Rolo up as they had gone past so I began explaining it was due to him not having all of his vaccinations yet.

Rachel's puppy Rolo out for a walk (


Caters News Agency)

"He responded by saying I was mentally unwell and that I had mental health issues in such a demeaning tone. I was really taken aback by what had been said.

"So I picked Rolo back up and turned to walk in the opposite direction. As I walked away a stone came flying over my shoulder and just narrowly missed Rolo's head.

"I turned around and realised that he had thrown it at me. He was laughing in the distance.

"So I got my phone out so he knew I would have his face on my phone. He had thrown stone at my 12-week old puppy. I felt like someone tried to harm her child.

"I went towards him with my phone recording him, then he suddenly went back on himself and the next second he was stood next to me.

"I then felt contact on my arm. He grabbed me and shoved me with such force that Rolo went flying through the air as I was pushed to the ground.

"Rolo had landed on his back and was screaming. It was so traumatic as I thought he'd broken his back."

Rachel claims that after she was shoved, she quickly felt a sharp object being launched at her head.

She says he then grabbed her phone before running off and leaving her bleeding on the ground.

Rachel said: "I screamed after him begging for my phone so that I could ring someone.

"I got Rolo in my arms and knew I needed to find someone. He was making so much noise and I was hysterical screaming for help.

"I could barely see out of left eye due to the blood. I'd never had a head injury before.

"I was going as fast as I could until I eventually found some people to help me on the footpaths who called the police for me.

"The police drove me home in my car. Once I had spoken to them, I then took Rolo to the vets in the state I was in.

"He just wagged his tail while they checked him over and cleaned him as he was covered in my blood.

"He hasn’t been the same since, he's been more wary and scared.

"That evening I went hospital to get my head looked at as it was still bleeding. It was a deep cut that they cleaned up and glued back together.

"It's really impacted me but I have been making herself go out with Rolo as don't want him to suffer. It motivates me to go out. I haven't really been able to sleep as it plays in my mind over and over again.

"I am jumpier when I pass men and I don't feel safe now. The whole thing has made me feel so weak for how I let it affect me.

"I felt so powerless.

"I don't even feel particularly supported by the police, as they haven't even issued an appeal on their website. It's almost caused second-hand trauma."

Leicestershire Police said: "Officers are continuing to investigate a report of robbery in Bradgate Park last month.

"Shortly after 2.45pm on Wednesday 24 November it was reported that a man had thrown a rock at a woman, causing a cut to her head. The man also took her mobile phone before running off.

"No arrests have been made at this time and enquiries are ongoing. Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call 101."

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