A DIY enthusiast has completely transformed her drab staircase with a brilliant budget hack costing just £18.

Now social media followers are flocking to follow her steps - literally.

Geraldine Alessi had always disliked the dull burgundy carpet that covered her wooden staircase.

But when she saw a hack online that used rugs to create a staircase runner, she was inspired to do something similar – but with doormats.

The interior designer bought 12 doormats from IKEA at £1.50 each and got to work, later sharing the results to Instagram, where it has racked up over 10,000 likes.

"The carpet had been installed by a builder,” Geraldine told Jam Press.

“It wasn’t the colour we asked for but we didn’t make a fuss as it had been laid and we didn’t want the uproar – something I've lived to regret.

“Last year, I was inspired by a fellow Instagram user who had used £7 mustard rugs from IKEA to create a runner for her staircase.

“I didn’t want to do the exact same so I went on a shopping trip to see if there was anything else I could use.

“I discovered these very cheap but great quality, neutral colour palette mats – and they were only £1.50.

“The only downside was they didn’t have a square edge so I knew they wouldn’t be as straightforward to fit as I had seen previous.

"However, the price tag and style was too good an opportunity to miss and I figured it was worth a try."

The stairs before the makeover

Geraldine started by ripping up the carpet, before painting the steps and banisters in a fresh white, saving the carpet underlay to use under her mats.

“It took me about half a day, which is longer than it would if I was to do it again now, because there was a lot of trial and error before I got the best fit," she said.

“If I did it from scratch now, I think it would take me less than a few hours.

The stairs after the makeover

“I used a heavy-duty staple gun, which had both standard heavy-duty staples, as well as U-shaped staples.

“The heavy-duty staples I used to secure the mats underneath the U-bend of the step (so discreet and not visible to the eye) and the U-shaped staples I used to secure the mat on the stair tread of the step.

"Just one in each corner and they are also incredibly discreet.

“The winder part of the step was the trickiest part to do and the mat needs to be cut at an angle to fit the shape of the step."

Although Geraldine says the unusual shape of the mats made her hack more difficult, the cost outweighed the time it took and any potential disasters.

The 39-year-old from Buckinghamshire added: “For a total cost of £18, I am very happy with it and 18 months on it's still in place, which is why I was happy to follow on and share the 'how to' on my Instagram page, knowing I had tried and tested it.

“It’s such a buzz to transform a space and create a look without breaking the bank to do it.”

Geraldine Alessi

The hack has become a hit online, with social media users blown away by the simplicity of the DIY method.

“It looks amazing," said one person.

“Genius this was. Utter genius," another person added

“This looks absolutely fabulous," wrote someone else.

While another delighted user said: “Wow. This is amazing thanks for sharing."