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Woman fumes after boyfriend sends her a letter stating his Euros ‘terms & conditions’ – including no texts during games

A WOMAN was left in shock after her footie-obsessed boyfriend sent her a letter with his “terms and conditions” for the Euros. 

TikTok user @georgiaholmes.x uploaded a video of the note, which detailed all of his “rules” for how he wanted to watch the football tournament. 

She wrote: “I can’t be the only one who has received a letter from their boyfriend ahead of the Euros starting this weekend.”

Georgia then zoomed in on the letter, which was printed on both sides of an A4 piece of paper.

It read: “I’m writing this email as a terms and conditions for the European Championships which are due to take place from Friday 11th June 2021 to Sunday 11th July.

“I will now list your terms and conditions.”

If Georgia had hoped for nice texts from her partner in the coming weeks, she was told she would not be in luck. 

Joel stated there would be no “mobile phone interaction” during live games on TV, unless he was ringing her to tell her “IT’S COMING HOME.”

The boyfriend then said he would be spending more time in the pub and that Georgia was not allowed to text him asking when he would be coming home.

The third term banned her from ringing him during games unless there is an “emergency”.

And she can only text him at half-time or full-time as his “full attention needs to be on the game.”

He also added that any bad moods linked to results of the game should not be taken personally by her. 

Joel also added he would be drinking for many of the matches and would likely be returning home “intoxicated.”

He added: “If you believe there is anything I have missed out, or any other suggestions, you may call or arrange a face to face appointment whenever is suitable for you. Thank you.”

The football fan added that Georgia should remember that he does love her.

Although Georgia wrote “F*** you Joel”, she did see the funny side of the note, and added the caption: “I had to laugh , what on earth.”

Many other people saw the funny side of the note, and her video has racked up over 43,000 likes.

One person wrote: “Just shown my boyf and he’s said it applies to me too.”

Another added: “I love this and I’m all for it.”

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