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Woman freaked out after finding secret stairs leading to creepy cellar – and people joke she should ‘move immediately’

IT'S NOT everyday you find an entirely new room in your house, but one woman finding a secret basement underneath her floor left people so freaked out they urged her to move.

TikTok user Abi (@abi_mia14) shared a video online of the creepy cellar that she came across after ripping up the flooring in her storage cupboard.

Underneath the carpet was a hidden staircase that led to a huge dark and unused basement, with Abi convinced that someone had been down there.

In the video, that has been watched over 731k times, she said: "I can't believe what we've just found in our storage cupboard."

"Someone has 100% been down here," she claimed.

There was hardly any light down in the basement and the walls looked old and were crumbling apart in places.

There was a piece of scratched art on the walls and rubble on the floor, with Abi captioning her video: "Wtaf ! This is scary!"

People were just as freaked out as her, with thousands commenting on the clip and urging Abi to move out of her house.

One person commented: "Na, I'd be moving."

Another said: "Pack up and get the funk out of town."

Others said the basement looked like something out of horror movie The Conjuring, with one viewer suggesting: "Just close it up and act like you never found it."

One more teased: "Bruh, you've released the spirits now!"

Some people, however, were quick to point out that many old homes comes with hidden basements and others said it looked like it would have been used during World War II.

An extra space for all the activities, others advised renovating the cellar to get the use out of it.

One person wrote: "Get it sorted out properly and boom, games room."

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