Great Britain

Woman creates the most British party food spread ever but some people hate it

A WOMAN has gone all out creating the most British party spread imaginable - but people are arguing it is embarrassing to the nation. 

TikToker aysenbattal98 shared her “British tapas” feast, which included filling an entire large table with the likes of nuggets, party rings, muffins, garlic bread and chips.

The sumptuous feast also included spaghetti hoops and pizza, along with Capri Sun drinks to wash it down. 

There was even a Colin the Caterpillar cake to truly cap off the very British meal. 

While some people said the display reminded them of “school discos” and “primary school”, others were less than impressed. 

One wrote: “50 shades of beige.”

Another added: “And people say we have no culture.”

And a third said: “I’m sorry but this looks disgusting, just looks full of diabetes.”

However, some patriotic Brits said the spread looked like heaven, and was “legit impressive”.

One gushed: “my table on New Year’s Eve.”

So would you tuck in?

We shared how one in five Brits don’t eat anything GREEN and turn to beige food for comfort.

Previously there was outrage over list of best classic British foods… as scotch eggs and pork pies are ranked near bottom.

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