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Woman claiming to be my stepsister is making my life hell now dad died


DEAR DEIDRE: A WOMAN claiming to be my stepsister is making my life hell since my dad, who has now died, was taken ill six months ago.

My dad’s first wife had two daughters. His wife messed around constantly so he didn’t think either child was his. 

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But then out of the blue three years ago, this woman announced a DNA test was performed when she was a baby, 28 years ago, proving she’s his daughter.

My dad used to say that he didn’t think this woman was his daughter and how he hoped that she wasn’t. I’m my dad’s 24-year-old son.

The last time they spoke was five years ago. She didn’t really feature in my dad’s life after they had a falling out.

My dad didn’t want her to know he was ill, nor did he want her to be at his funeral. She’s making my life hell by sending texts and emails, harassing me saying I stopped her being involved in the funeral arrangements and that I’ve had him cremated illegally.

DEIDRE SAYS: It must have been hard for her growing up without knowing her dad and she’s almost certainly acting out of emotional pain.

Please try to find some compassion in your heart for this woman, who has had to grow up not knowing her father.

You had the authority to organise your dad’s funeral in accordance with his wishes, so you have acted legally.

Talk to the National Stalking Helpline if she continues to harass you (, 0808 802 0300).

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