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Woman captures parents’ heartwarming reaction to coming out as LGBTQ+: ‘This is so pure’

A woman has captured her parents’ supportive reaction to her coming out with a Pride cake in a viral TikTok.

On Sunday, Sabrina Bailey, who goes by @_sabrinabailey on the app, uploaded a video showing her surprising her family with a cake that she had made in the colours of the lesbian flag.

“I made a Pride cake to come out to my parents,” Bailey captioned a photo of the cake, before showing the moment she presented it to her family.

After her parents exclaim over the multi-coloured cake, with her father declaring it “cool,” Bailey can be heard telling them: “Yeah, it’s supposed to look like the lesbian flag as part of my coming out to tell you guys that I’m gay.”

In response, Bailey’s mother says: “Awesome!” before giving her daughter multiple kisses on the cheek, before adding: “Congratulations!”

The video then sees Bailey begin to cry, prompting her mother to walk over and hug her again and assure her that she is loved, before asking her why she is crying.

However, while comforting her, Bailey’s mother glances at the time, prompting her to amusingly ask why she had to “do that at 10 to”.

“I didn’t think you were gonna be late!” Bailey laughed while responding, as her father went in to hug her.

Bailey’s mother then joined in on the group hug, telling her daughter: “Guess what! I love the babies that have two moms! That’s the best ever!”

The sweet response from her parents, which Bailey shared along with the caption: “Happy pride babes. Remember to be yourself and love who you wanna love,” has since been viewed more than 3.9m times.

“Congratulations. This is the most wholesome thing I have seen all day,” one person commented.

Another said: “I’m literally sobbing right now.”

“This is too pure. Congrats. I love your family and how loving and supportive they are,” someone else wrote.

In a follow-up video, Bailey thanked all those who had responded to the video, telling her viewers: “You guys are literally the sweetest thing ever. I was not expecting that video to blow up quite as big as it was.”

“You’ve all made my day 1,000 times over. Thank you all.”

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