A woman said she has been insulted by her family and accused of ruining her sister's wedding after she refused to change her hairstyle.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that both her mother and the bride to be had put pressure on her to grow her hair out.

They wanted all three to have the same haircut for the wedding pictures, but that meant the woman would have to grow her hair for a whole year.

She explained that she wasn't willing to do so and was called an 'a*****e' by her mother and the sister has sent a slew of angry emails, but so far she's unrepentant.

The woman didn't want to change her hair style for her sister's wedding (


Getty Images/Rubberball)

Taking to Reddit, she said: "My sister told me she wants the bridesmaids, maid of honour, our mother and me to have the same hairstyle.

"The wedding party and my mother and sister are all naturally blonde already and they further dye their hair to be platinum. They have long hair already too.

"Since my hair is short and black, I would have to forgo haircuts for the next 12 months so my hair would be long enough to get extensions sewn in and I would have to spend time and money to get it bleached from black to platinum too.

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"I told my sister I'm not changing my hair for her wedding.

"My sister yelled at me and sent me an angry email. My mother sided with my sister and says I am not being supportive and putting my wants ahead of hers on my sister's day. My father just says to listen to my sister and mother.

"My mother actually called me an a*****e and my sister says her pictures won't look right if I don't change my hair."

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to come to the woman's defence - saying that she was in the right to refuse.

One said: "So if you get married they are all going to cut off their hair and dye it black?"

While a second said: "Asking you to do your hair in a certain style on the wedding day is one thing, but asking for a style that will require a year of commitment from you, as well as what sounds like a lot of money, just isn't on."

"The simple solution here is they should just cut their hair, then everyone has short hair", wrote a third. "And they can dye theirs dark. Voila, matchy matchy just like she wants."

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