An alleged elder abuser faces up to 18 years jail over horrific video footage said to show her belting her 93 year-old mother.

Lottie Morgan, 57, was arrested on January 12 after her son Lenny shared the video on Twitter, and was ordered into custody after a court hearing Friday.

The appalling footage lasts just three seconds, but shows Morgan, of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, batter the unnamed elderly woman with the leather belt five times.

She can be heard hissing about dealing with her mom’s ‘smart motherfucking’ before the clip cuts out, with the attack said to have been prompted by the elderly woman wetting herself.

The woman said to be Morgan had already begun beating the victim before the camera started rolling, and showed no signs of stopping when recording stopped.



Lenny Morgan captioned the video: ‘I need everyone help please retweet ASAP !!!!!

‘This is my mother with this black bonnet on whipping my elderly grandmother which she is in her mid 90”s she’s striking her with a belt only because she pissed on herself which is out of her control the state needs to step in.’

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The video was widely shared, with police getting involved shortly afterwards.

After her arrest, Morgan was charged with cruelty to persons with infirmities and freed on $1,500, WAFB reported.

Those charges have now been upgraded to second-degree battery.

She was then able to move back into the same house as her alleged victim, who police say suffered bruises after being beaten with the belt.

Judge Kelly Balfour said he had not seen the video footage when setting bail after rescinding it.

Arrangements have also been made for the elderly woman in the video to live somewhere else.