A woman called the police after she was told she was "too old" to be in a nightclub.

The 38-year-old dialled 999 after bouncers at the nightclub in Surrey turned her away because of her age.

The incident allegedly happened at around 1.30am on a Friday night in September.

SurreyLive reports that Surrey Police have used the incident as an example of people using resources unnecessarily.

In another incident, a caller used the emergency line to report he was following a car that had its petrol flap open. He was concerned it would cause a fire as the weather was warm.

She says the bouncer turned her away because of her age (


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It turned out the petrol cap was screwed in, the driver had just forgotten to close the flap. It is not known if the caller's phone was on hands-free.

The force said misusing the service meant those in genuine need of urgent help would wait longer to get through.

It said demands on policing are now back to pre-Covid levels and over the August Bank Holiday weekend emergency call handlers dealt with more than 1,730 calls.

It was just one incident police say they were called to when they didn't need to be (


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A Surrey Police spokesperson said: “Please use 999 responsibly. It should only be called in a genuine emergency when you need immediate assistance and not simply because you cannot get through on non-emergency numbers.

“Anyone with a genuine need for emergency assistance, where life or property is in immediate danger, should always call 999, otherwise please get in touch with us either online at police.uk or by calling 101.”

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